Tuesday, December 1, 2009

just hurry it up already

Let me rest a foot on that old box for a minute while I ramble about birth control pills (and Wal-Mart). I don't mess around with that stuff or at least try not to. Hey, it's serious business. I can't birthin' no babies-period. So why does it take an act of congress to get birth control pills?

Dummy me lost them during the move this weekend and have been without for the past two days and heck if I didn't forget to pack them when I went to Ohio last month. Knowing I can't fool around by not taking my pills, I called my doctor's office today to get things straightened out. I was told to wait for his nurse to call me back. Taking matters into my own hands, I went to ...Wal-Mart to let the pharmacy know about the little mishap and urgency in which I needed a new set of pills. I was directed to another window blocked by a line of five restless folks, all waiting their turn. fudge. Finally, when I get my chance to talk to the "counselor", I'm given the green light, but must wait "about forty minutes or so" to get a prepackaged supply of birth control. This is where I really started to hate Wal-Mart more than I already do. Jerks! (ok, this next part is partially my fault)

I thought how to spend my "about forty minutes or so", I knew it wasn't going to be done wandering around in cold, sopping wet shoes because it was raining and the lot was full of puddles. McDonalds and Wal-Mart teaming up is a shit idea in my opinion, but I opted to have a value meal to waste time and take off my shoes to dry a bit. I've seen that website peopleofwalmart.com, so I knew taking off my shoes was the least of my worries and then decided to watch for these people of walmart - minimal luck. Furthermore, there was nothing valuable about my value meal; it was almost $7.00, tasted like crap & ended up in the trash.

Back to the birth control pills.

Not only are they a pain in the ass to get but can get pretty expensive, too. Like one time I tried to explain to the doctor's nurse how $40 a month for pills was completely ridic and just not feasible. She acted as if this $40 pill was my only option causing me to have to tell her she needs to find something because if I can't afford $40 a month for bc pills how in the world was I supposed to afford a baby. After this conversation my pills were changed.

I don't know, maybe it's just me, but it seems as if I always have such a difficult time with these pills and it annoys the crap outta me! I mean, for real, methods of birth control should be passed out like Halloween candy. Aren't there enough irresponsible degenerates having and making babies?

There! really no need for this post other than being somewhat annoyed.


ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Oh yeah. Very well said Steph. If you are having a hard time buying them there, then it's a whole lot worse here. That's for sure. You see a lot of kids here as young as 13 who are already preggers. If you're going to do the deed then you should be responsible enough to take the pills if you aren't ready for a bigger responsiblity. Sex is pretty taboo here so whenever you are at a drug store it's almost one in a million that someone from your line is buying a birth control pill.

Steph said...

@Mel: It was kinda random & rushed, I guess like most posts of mine, but seriously... the amount of politics that go into taking ownership and responsibility for your body is just crazy!

I don't think 13 year olds should have sex, but whats more is they really do NOT need to have babies.

Angelia said...

I saw that it was pretty easy at Planned Parenthood. They dole em out like candy. Which is super awesome. I'm "fixed" so I don't need them anymore. Seriously, $40 smackers? Whoa!!

ScoMan said...

It's crazy that you guys have pharmacies in your supermarkets over there. And McDonalds as well now? That's madness!

Anyway, after this you won't be forgetting or losing them again any time soon.

Arnetta Green said...

"I don't know nothing bout birthin no babies" is something I say all the time, lol. Seriously, though, it really is way too complicated to get a hold of some birth control pills in this country. You have to jump through more hoops than the circus and I've always wondered why. What exactly is the downside to making birth control pills an over the counter drug. Maybe I'm missing something.

Lauren said...

Ugh I feel ya. My birth control is supposed to cost almost $70 a month, but luckily I have this coupon card my doctor gave me so that they are $24, which is still a lot every month! :(

Steph said...

@Angelia: I've only been to PP once & now that I think of it, the experience is totally blog worthy! I may swing by there when this prescription runs out- thanks for the tip!

@Scott: It's a disturbing combination. Madness, indeed! I hate it, but clearly a large majority of the population eat the stuff up...literally :p

@Arnetta: Guess it's easier to dole out govt. aid and employee CPS workers. Wow, that sounds bad! teehee

@Lauren: $70! I think I blacked out for a minute Hahaha. Insanity! Thank goodness for your coupon and yeah $24 is still ridic :(

Amanda said...

I totally agree with you how ridiculous it is that we have to pay an arm and a leg for birth control. They should be paying us NOT to get knocked up :)

Steph said...

@Amanda: Hey, I never thought of that-Great idea! We ought to get together on this one! LOL

Soph! said...

wow! That's expensive. I too, am a Planned parenthood patient. I get pills there for about12 bucks a pack!

Steph said...

@Soph: Guess I can give the place another go! I read online you can pick up your pills in their office? That would be A+ awesome. I hate going to a pharmacy.