Sunday, December 13, 2009

It's Official!

I claimed Sunday a holy day and therefore my sexual days of the week were to cease, however, my brother decided he would call this day, “Sexting Sunday”. In the spirit of this newly proclaimed day, sext away! I’m gonna sit this one out y’all.

I found some great sexting acronyms at, to help such as:

my penis is caught in my flip phone
phone in butt – set to vibrate
Hit wrong hole; girlfriend still limping
I find the study of early American history utterly fascinating, don’t you?

I unknowingly used a sexting acronym not so long ago- I thought asking, “do you fb?” was completely self explanatory. Thus, my one and only sexting experience was a wash. I was just trying to find out if someone had a Facebook.


MKL said...

What have we becum.. ehm, I mean become? Haha.. some things I just don't text and those on the list are among them ;)

Arnetta Green said...

Sure you were. ;-)

ScoMan said...

I don't know what that means other than "Do you Facebook?"


I'm that innocent.

Steph said...

@MKL: Don't be a party pooper! :P

@Arnetta: I have nothing to say...not a word.

@Scoman: Think, Scotty, think!

Living with Balls said...

I would have assumed facebook too. What else does it mean? Fuck buddy? I'm just guessing.

Steph said...

@LwB:Yeah,I thought it was a fairly obvious abbreviation.

-Thanks for stopping by :D