Sunday, December 27, 2009

Fe2 + O2 = Fe2O3 + heat FAIL!

To answer a question unanimously asked, yes, things really are as bleak as they appear. Clearly there hasn’t been any sort of substantial connection, this is all honesty; copied and pasted for your delight.

Now granted, there have been a few slight sparks I saved for myself and calling them sparks is by far a stretch, but I was holding out hope :/ Gosh, what’s smaller than a spark? Perhaps I can refer to these smaller than sparks as random pieces of flint happening into my lap without a piece of steel to get things sparking? Oh, for the love of science and survival skill!

So yeah, there was a date and again, this whole date thing is a stretch. The sap was late and had the nerve to show up with a friend. I had just finished quickly gulping a pineapple drink, signed my drink receipt and was about to hit the pavement when this lad shows up. (and, Lad is what I shall refer to him as since he reminded of just that, a boy)

*Side note: Remember Barf Boy wanted me to meet up with him and his friend? Is this some sort of trend I’m unfamiliar with? Aren’t we adults? Can adults not meet and hang out without a friend in tow? I hate dating and the very idea of it!
To my surprise, bringing the friend along was a great idea considering the friend was full of spunk and conversation, just like I like. On the other hand, friend is married and yuck on that!

Lad, although easy on the eyes, fell flat on the ears since he wasn’t much of a talker. He repeatedly told me I was much hotter than he imagined and 10 times skinnier. These two statements were on repeat.
Yes, I'm cute and yes, I'm on the smaller side...I think most women want to hear this, but when it's all you ever hear it's not much of a compliment. I’d like to think I have the teeniest of tiniest bit of substance worth some sort of acknowledgement. Ugh.

All in all, I don't see this going anywhere worth mentioning.


ScoMan said...

Well a date is a date, keeps you in the game. Shame the guy was a bore but at least you got some good conversation out of the friend.

Maybe that's why he brings the friend. To trick you into thinking you had a good time even if he himself is boring.

Veronica Marcetti Dimick said...

Bringing a friend? Seriously? That is LAME. Especially if you originally set up the date with no mention of a tagalong.

Next time someone brings a tagalong, just excuse yourself and say "Oh, I didn't get the memo that we were having a group date. Let ME go get a friend. Wait here."

MKL said...

So cool, guys bring a buddy who's more talkative. That's some good perspective on the future of dating :P Maybe the next trend will be come with mum or dad ;)

I watched the video, it's great. Who are these two, do you know them? Must be from the 80s, right? Are you poncho1618? :)

Steph said...

@Scoman: You are sharp, Scott. Next time I'll text you to find out what's really up when I find myself in these situations.

@Veronica(babymomma): Great tip!

@MKL: I wish I were Poncho161, I'd be having a lot more luck ;) I don't know those people! Love Connection is an old TV...quite hilarious!

So yeah next time you go on a date bring a buddy or your parents, but don't mention it until it's too late to get a refusal!! LOL

RicAdeMus said...

"Oh come on, you have to go with me. I never know what to say!"

A few years ago my boss brought a woman to an afterwork gathering with me and two other male co-workers. It was his first date with her. She loved us, couldn't stand him.

RicAdeMus said...

PS - I love Veronica's suggestion!

Bathwater said...

Just curious I hope you are using a free dating site like Plenty of Fish because it doesn't sound like you are getting you money worth otherwise.

michelle said...

i guess in the age of craigslist creeps and whatnot, it makes sense to bring a friend. but these guys should know better than to show up late with a buddy in tow. the friend should be incognito, not sitting at the table driving the conversation

ps - i love chuck woolery.

Dorkys Ramos said...

Oh boo, I'm sorry the date didn't go well, but hey it served as a small story to share. And if anything you learned a couple more things you DON'T want from a date.

And a friend? Really? I didn't know the buddy system applied to dates.

Steph said...

@Ric: See, this bringing a friend along nonsense should be a common sense no-no. Not only is it a major turn off, but it totally has the probability of changing your dates focus. I bet your boss was pissed :P

@Bath: This company should be paying me! I keep telling myself goodness comes to those who wait :D

@Michelle: Incognito, I'd understand and think that's a totally safe responsible idea, after all I could be some crazy man posing as a woman. Yeah, he knew better and tried to blame it on his friend. Uh huh....

-Woolery is the shit!!

@Dorkys: When and if the friend thing happens again with another person I'm totally using Veronica's suggestion and promptly leaving!