Monday, December 28, 2009

My Favorite.

This post is rather simple, but let me explain...

I got a message from one of the dating cites & decided to copy and paste it into my collection for potential future usage. Look:

(subject)MAY I SAY
Your the beauty in beautiful,when a man dreams of a woman,it's your face that he see's.......

Later, I read this guy's profile. That's it...he's flippin' awesome! No, not awesome like the 60 year old man posing for pics by flexing his muscles whole holding a sign which reads "Arnold". Yes, as in Schwarzenegger- no joke, y'all. But awesome as in legitimately funny. Of course he's all wrong :D Nonetheless, read this and tell me you don't smile!?

about me:Who like's doing this dating and looking thing, but we have to do, what we have to do, so maybe it will not be all that painful, maybe the right woman will just look over my page and I have to tell you, it's the page with the not so good looking picture's of me I hate taking picture's and I'm a big brother who stands 6 feet 5 and I do workout and I'm a ex-Marine ,but on camera I'm like huge!!!!! "there's that word we men like to use, lol" but maybe the woman who loves a big strong and loving real man, will just help get me off this site and into a loving relationship.

I love being creative and some what different, never have been to one, but would like to try maybe going to a wine tasting or taking a trip out of the county and not doing the tourists thing, but taking the off road path and seeing what other's have not seen or how about driving down the street on a rainy night, pulling over in front of a park and taking our clothes off and running around the park butt naked!!!!! ohh wait, not trying to get locked up, lol and yes I like playing around and joking around, so don't run away, just kidding, but I do like being creative in a good way.

So here we go!!! help make this not so painful ladies I'm looking for a sweet and oh so loving lady, one who comes with a room full of love, for the right man and a woman who knows a good man when she's meet's one, please don't come at me with mind games, only games I enjoy would be a good game of cards, you don't have to cook all that well I do love cooking myself, just come in the kitchen with me and keep me company, do you like holding hands? well so do I. like seeing your one and only? well I miss you already, remember sometimes just what your looking for, is right there in front of your beautiful face and with my size how could you miss me, lol

Ok let me get off of here, have to get dressed, after all I have to pick you up for our first date, stop reading and get dressed!!!!I'm on my way. E.

See earlier today, a friend said I was making fun of males and that's so not true. I'm more or less having a good laugh at myself and my inability to rope one... a suitable suitor though, not just any old random. I honestly think this guy is sincere, although silly. I thoroughly enjoy his profile and instead of ignoring his message I may kindly respond however making it very clear I have no interest what so ever. Maybe I should refer him to while I'm at it!

Thanks for reading guys
I'm going to get to you shortly if I haven't already :)

Oh crap, one last thing! I forgot to add this little jewel also found in his profile:

my education:Self made Millionaire...........ok, about this millionaire about SELF MADE DOLLARAIRE

You're smiling, arent you?


Veronica Marcetti Dimick said...

I don't think you were male bashing. Reporting things as they are does not qualify as bashing!! :)

michelle said...

lol that was a good profile. i would snatch him up just to have someone cook for me :)

Bathwater said...

I didn't think you were male bashing either, none of those other profile were well thought out. This guys is at least creative.

Steph said...

@Veronica: Yes, strictly reporting! I'm glad you see it my way :P

@Michelle: I'm not going to give false hope, but I could probably use a meal :D I really like the running around the park butt naked!

@Bathwater: Hey, we can only hope they weren't thought out :P

ScoMan said...

He seems cool and fun.

Of course, his puncuation is terrible. Is that why you say you have no interest in him?

I Really Suck At This said...

Aw, he seems sweet! I hope he finds someone!

And you aren't male, online or in person, is all about trial and error. There always seem to be more losers than winners, for some reason!

Dorkys Ramos said...

Haha, hey at least we get a laugh out of it. And that grammar...oy vey.

But hurry up and get ready, woman! He's coming for you ;)

Smart Ass Sara said...

OK, maybe I'm just really mean and bitchy (likely) but the first thing that I thought after reading the first paragraph- "wow, this guy has A.D.D. or something" Because dang- I had a hard time following through. He sounds like he might be nice, possibly good looking, but possibly socially awkward. Which could be fun or irritating, depending on how you are. But ex-Marine?! I'd be on him like nobody's business. HAHA!!