Thursday, June 17, 2010

guess what!?

I know, I know. I've left you in my dust. In the dark. "What the heck?" is what you're saying, right?
I got a job for the summer. God, I hope it's only for the summer. I'm scanning massive amounts of paper, unclipping an absurd amount of staples, alphabetizing an obscene amount of files and staring at birds out of a huge window, which by the way is the only bit of solace in my work day.

I can't complain though; at least I'm now employed.

So as mentioned last time, I'll update the love's insanely wonderful & magical. "Who is it", you ask? Welp, it's a former classmate I came across on Yes, there was a post about this meeting; scroll through my posts!
Let me tell you, when I saw his little square photo on the site I knew there was no need for and he claims he walked away from our first meeting after several years "in love", which I won't debate because falling in love with me is super easy!

Anyway, to make a short story even shorter I'm totally over the moon...TO THE MAX! and we're.

Hold on.

You won't believe it.


Friday, June 4, 2010

Slow Going

Hey, hey!

I'm back and not only have I returned, but I've heaps of free time, which you'd think all of the newly available time would allow me to blog manically- Not so! I've come without my usual wit and charm. See, I considered moving again, going completely anonymous, but does it really matter? Yeah, so I'm sticking around and willing myself to be regular even if my mojo is in a funk.

Without further delay here's what's up:

Below is a picture of me eating at Keller's (of course I grossly throw in photos of me) in DLC's car, the day I got the "friend" introduction at the Dallas British Car Show. Yes, things have fizzled. Golf was/is way more of priority to him which indicated he clearly wasn't that into me. After speaking with a *hold your breath* nice man I met on, I came to my senses and split! By the way, the nice man has been a permanent fixture, however not of the romantic sort.

I'm still without any job prospects. I've been told to exercise patience because they will begin to scramble as the summer progresses and the whole thing is a waiting game, but we're talking about me here; patient, I am not! On the other hand, the big deal is I did FINALLY take the stage to graduate! Oh boy, what a joyous occasion! I was on pins and needles and riddled with anxiety the entire day, until I set foot on that stage.

Other stuff has happened, as well, but we're going to have to put it on hold because this blog has been primarily based around my love life and that's what I will get into next!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


blog is moving/changing?

details to follow.

Saturday, May 8, 2010


It’s nearly official, I’m done with school. I had a few rough patches filled with sentiment and reflection during my last day of classes this past Thursday. Naturally, I was able to hold it together, that’s how I’ve always managed to get through this life, even when I didn’t want to be bothered with it anymore.

I left home a late bloomer in some respects, yet world-weary with a sketchy plan, broken heart and fragile state of mind, but managed to grow exponentially in these past few years.

I’ve never been fair to myself, never saw me as being enough of whatever I was supposed to be, always lived with an incurable sadness, but fought and fought these feelings because I knew I had to be strong; I had to hold it together.

Because I’ve managed to hold all the shit together, I’m finally graduating with all A’s next Friday, as I set out to do when I left home. I almost want to squeal, I’m so proud of myself, of everything!

Ultimately, attitude and perseverance determine where you’ll end up and I’m completely honored to be able to share this with all of the little maniacs I’ll be working with in the near future.

In typical Steph fashion though, I must say (complain) I’m so pissed the actual graduation ceremony is costing an arm and leg. Assholes trying to milk me for everything they can before I’m gone.

Stay tuned for pics!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

bleh, meh, sheh

I'm bummed I have nothing exciting to write about, so I'm just going to go ahead with this anyway.

I feel incredibly frustrated I have no job; not a teaching job, just any old job to get my broke ass through the summer. Life with The Moms has been okay, but I'm ready to bounce. They're major cock blocks...not that the love life has been all that hot to begin with.

By the way, this weekend I was introduced something like so: "This is my friend, Stephanie", which nearly killed me. Well not really killed, just a tad hurt. Why couldn't I be "This is Stephanie", instead of "friend, Stephanie". Thanks, DLC :/

Oh, I'm such a liar, I did have some excitement recently! I had an interview!
I don't know what to make of the situation. It was a pre-screening interview, which will hopefully lead to "the real deal, let's give Steph a job in the fall" sorta thing. Good Lord, one can only hope.

On a sour note, The Mom's are headed to Florida and then cruising to the Bahamas...lucky cock blocks!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Crunch, Crunch, Cram

Graduation is just, just around the corner!

Exhausted and mentally checked out, I'm trudging through my final project.

I need a summer job ASAP because moolah is tight.

Had my 1st, yes my very 1st, intereview as a teacher, which was way more painless than anticipated.

I feel so excited to see what these next few weeks and months bring :)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

New Take on Dating

Remember, way back...not so long ago? Yeah, that's exactly what I meant to say. Yes, back when I was dating up a storm, sometimes double and triple booking? Good grief, it was fun, dysfunctional, discouraging and did I say fun?

For all intents and purposes you could honestly say my milkshake was bringing all the boys to the yard. Alas, I've given up my date-a-holic behavior and went as far as clearing out my mental queue of menfolk.

****SIDE NOTE: totally forgot to mention I dated an ex-male stripper in early March. How in the dickens did I forget to tell anyone!?****

Amongst, the '09/10 Date-Fest is when we ran into DLC...Surely you remember him! He's still around and I still like him. Sometimes I feel sure he likes me, and then other times I wonder if we have mutual feelings.

It's scary to wonder if he does indeed like me and see potential, and it's far easier to dole out the undeniably awkward charm to "leave an extra candle burning just in case one goes out", like my good friend told me to do. I can't play the games involved; I simply don't have it in me to deal with the kind of stuff like the message copied & pasted below, even though it's hilariously funny and we LOVE it:

"Hey hi....I do believe your profile fits your photos very well which is okay. You do seem to have a lot of positive energy about you. And you sure do take very nice pictures. If i would have been around you the day that you were wearing that outfit in photo 14 you would have had my complete attention all day long you have very very nice legs. I know i am a leg man and i would have been trying very hard not to stare at your lovely legs if I had been with you that day(oh and i would have been trying my best to see as much as i could of you...not trying to be too forward just letting you know the facts). Oh and i am not saying that your physical appearance is everything it's not...there's a lot more to you than just your legs....i think i will take another look at photo 14...well perhaps a couple of looks!!"


I guess you could say, if you really wanted to, Facebook has had an interesting effect on our lives, yeah?

Okay, so like most, I’ve reconnected with friends from as early as my elementary school days back in Mingo Junction, erroneously "friended" men while still in the "getting to know phase", appeared in various embarrassing pics, met a brother and sister after 28 years of living and then a cousin, ran across the former best lay of my lifetime, the person I’ve shared the MOST embarrassing moment of my life with, which has caused me to never think of BBQ tongs and a flashlight in the same way, and then this guy:
Through all that reconnection stuff, I pleasantly bumped into this old junior high chum, which spurred a partner to attend Southlake's Art in the Square.

No, my main purpose for attendance had absolutely nothing to do with modern art, it was all about the frozen bellini, which by the way was totally rad although I think it significantly contributed to a slight case of the poopsies.

While at Art in the Square I saw heaps of art, dancing kids, listened to Rastafarian type-hippy looking singers and the world's worst story-teller, played with an iPad, spun a wheel & won a voucher for a large pizza and took in strange events including a hot make out session and a couple walking their...birds.

Take a peek, Friends:

Saturday, April 24, 2010


I'm still amongst the living.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Welcome To My Sad Little Blog

This picture is incredibly perfecto! Okay, almost. I'm sure you've already establish I look nothing like the girl photographed, nor does my line of work have anything to do with large snakes and God knows I wouldn't be caught dead wearing a belly chain, but all that's irrelevant.

Things are nut-so, INSANELY busy with graduation and the certification process just around the corner! With that said, it's hard to find and/or narrow topics for your eyeball's consumption. If you have any topic suggestions or questions you'd like answered, I'd love, love, LOVE to hear from you:

Thursday, April 8, 2010

I'm F-ing Inconsistant *Here's Yet Another Update*

  • I, Steph, finally won a give away hosted by Alissa and feel like a total bad ass as a result. However, I lost another contest, an "ugly photo" contest, held by Mel. I guess I should be honored my photo wasn't the worst, but I'm not and to be honest, the winner is much more deserving. I love her ugly mug! -Shout out to the Pro-Steph Voters *WOOT WOOT* :)
  • Got a totally rad (and silly) manicure. I typically get phony nails or a French manicure, but not this time around! I got Easter/Birthday nails:
  • Had a birthday April 5th, but kind of celebrated on the 3rd @ Pete's Piano in Addison. I complained all last week about having to share the spotlight with Jesus since Easter Sunday fell during Birthday Weekend '10. I can only hope God has a sense of humor.
  • Was pulled over by the police for the 2nd time in my 28.99 years while on my way to my university to make a major purchase. Thank you Hurst police for adding to my's not like I can see my tail light; after all it is behind me. Anyway, my cap and gown has been purchased for graduation and my body is about to shut down in a few weeks. *Graduating Magna Cum Laude bitches* Oh, speaking of bitches I would've been Summa Cum Laude had I not missed one, single, solitary day of class, which lowered my overall grade in that class to a B.
  • Haven't been on any dates. Yes, my serial dating has come to an end; at least for now. I don't know when or if it's going to pick up again. Gosh, did I really just lose some readers!? I know this is crazy, but I'm still hanging out with DLC. I even ditched the one I was going to hold in my dating queue. Nuts, right?

  • Just days away from taking the last test before I can apply to The State Board of Education for teacher certification. I'm a gosh darn wreck, y'all!

Enjoy this short vid-The first stage strutter is a 67 year old lady also celebrating her birth @ Pete's Piano. They paid $100.00 to hear Pussy Control.

Giggle Fits from stephanie on Vimeo.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I Don't Know What to Make of This

Sometimes women have the tendency to give me a bad wrap; guilty. But there are definitely times when we need to take a good look at ourselves, ladies. By the way, that’s a collective “we”, I wouldn’t dare call anyone out…just being generic here.

This morning, I dropped into my usual breakfast spot to grab a spinach bacon soufflé. In the parking lot, a slick car caught my eye and then I spotted it, one of the most emasculating things I can think of.

Gosh, in fact every time I see this bumper sticker on a man’s car, I almost want to cry for him. I imagine a domineering, insecure wife, looking all Stepford and stuff, presenting this bumper sticker to her husband…an evil gleam in her eyes.

“Look what I’ve bought, darling.” Translation “Put this on your car, Dickhead. Those bitches better know you belong to me, and you better not be out there trying to fuck around either!”

Now, I could have it all wrong. Perhaps the man is over the moon for his wife, his heart soars when he thinks of her, he just can’t get enough, just can’t get enough.

“Oh what a wonderful wife, what a wonderful life!” he boisterously cries out.

Nah, I like the first thought better because that’s how I really feel. I’m trying to see both sides… Ya know, be fair.

Really though, how does this work?

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Part II

A continuation of yesterday's post. You know, the one about my giant granny panty show and breast revelation. I don't know if I'll ever be able to laugh that catastrophe off. Ugh...

Before things went sour Friday night I was naturally in good spirits. Spirits which elevated when I saw my favorite club go-er!

There's a guy, whose name I don't know, and he's a very serious, dedication patron and dancer at a Ft. Worth establishment. No, he isn't an employee, just loyal I guess.

Anyway, I've mentioned him before, but on other blog, the old one. Crap! I'd link the post if I could...I keep Breathing Up The Oxygen private :/ If you've been following and made the transition over here to NTO, then you may remember the night I was followed by a weird-o with a paper rose and approached by an older gentleman?

So, this guy whose name I don't know has clearly choreographed moves and I caught some on vid this time around. Yes, he's still going strong months later!

I'm really hating the way this post is going, but enjoy!

The Reg from Vimeo.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Awkwardly dancing to Calle Ocho or something of the like in my recently purchased UO dress, I felt a tug from the left. It was a man, a decent looking man pulling me across the dance floor.

Being so far from my friends, the awkwardness of my dance intensified. Yes, it intensified to the point of Watermelon Scene from Dirty Dancing, after Johnny teaches Frances AKA Baby to “dirty dance”, and then slips away leaving her looking quite asshole-ish.

Doing a campy dance, I yell over the music, trying to slip away, “Uh, don’t wanna dance anymore.”

“I’ll show you how to dance to this kinda music!” he says and the next thing I know, the man bends down, grabs me by the back of the knees and lifts me from the ground.

Airborne and holding on to this creature for dear life, he began to shake me up and down like ketchup in a bottle that won’t budge.

All the while, I was screaming at the top of my lungs, grappling to keep my short dress down to avoid exposure. The situation left me with my right arm desperately holding onto his neck while the other hand was twisted behind me shielding my va-jay.

Thank God I wore large, full coverage underpants!

Finally, he relented. I tried making a hurried escape while ensuring the bottom of my dress was lying flat and this is when I had to do a double take.

As if the situation hadn’t been ghastly enough, I looked down and saw nipples. Yes, my very own boobs on full display in da club.

*And, this is why I always say, "do not dance with strange men in clubs & especially don't do any grinding and booty shaking...unless you want to be fondled & feel an unknown boner poking you- and trust me, times are never that tough ladies and maybe gentlemen dancing with gentlemen"

Thursday, March 25, 2010

What, What?

Let me get you up to speed…A whole lot has happened and not happened in the last six days:

  • Went on dates with 2 new guys (Date Guy number one, let’s call him DLC, as in doesn’t like candy. WTF, right? And, I’ll call the Date Guy number 2 Urban Cowboy, not to be confused with my previously mentioned favorite mistake, P.C)
  • Experienced a freak snow storm after a 75 degree day
  • Spring Break ended
  • Went back to work
  • Haven’t consistently slept in my bed

I realize this is a lot for one post, no worries; I’ll keep you abreast of only critical points.

Friday, was an awesomely warm spring day of about 75 degrees, and there was a date lined up with DLC. We met, I ate, and we both had 1 Coke and 1 alcohol drink. Two lame asses in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G.

Somehow I ended up going to his house Saturday morning to watch movies.
*I always say never agree to “watch a movie” because ultimately it means he wants to see your vagina* He seemed to be on the up and up, so like I said, I went and F.Y.I., there was no vagina watching.

Saturday evening, I met U.C. at Starbucks for coffee. This is when the freak snow storm began. Good God, he’s gorgeous and kind! I’ve decided to keep him in my queue. Is that bad?

Okay, here’s where things get weird.

Sunday, I went back to DLC’s house and spent the night and, no there wasn’t any “movie watching” going on you perverts. I’ve become a serial dater, not hooker. I spent Tuesday and Wednesday night at his house, as well.

Summing up the situation, Facebook Msging with a friend not really named Roger:
theres a weird sort of connection
its terrifying
and quick
and seems so natural and unnatural at the same time
i cant work it out in my mind

19:53 Roger
step back and get a little clinical, k

I wholly agree with the friend. Things are excellent, but incredibly too fast. I definitely don't want to jump into anything even though I sort of have by spending so much time with DLC. He's cute, nerdy, tells horribly long jokes and so, so nice. I feel like myself around him.

Things are so much easier when the men are jerks!

Enough. Take a mental vacation and enjoy this video because I haven't any good pics to offer. I'm posting this vid not only because I thoroughly enjoy this song, which is stuck on repeat in my head, but for a bloggy friend :) -okay!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Fan of Not the Oxygen on Facebook?/ St. Pat's

If you’re a fan of my blog on Facebook then you already have a general idea of what’s going down in StephLand regarding the date and the mid-week holiday.

A second date has yet to pan out with the most recent Tuesday night guy. I appreciate all the crossing y’all did, but clearly you didn’t cross good enough.

No, I shouldn’t be ugly to you, friends. Y’all are great, great people who really know what’s up. Again, thanks for your help. It’s not you’re fault this guy sucks at making smart decisions.

I always say, "Never trust a guy in white sneakers", but I must also add "Never trust a guy with a faux hawk" to my list as well. Seriously, ladies!

Wednesday night, St. Pat’s Day, I went to a local bar, however not the local bar intended because they were charging cover and babes are broke these days.

St. Pat, St. Pat, you aren’t much of a Saint...You made me stay up late boozing, which resulted in a case of bubble guts in the morning. That was so not nice! You also sought out a handful of semi-English speaking men to follow my friends and me around the bar, totally messing up what little game I do have. Wait, I don’t like bar men. Either way, the game was screwed thanks to these guys.

Had fun though!

Ok, one last thing. I had, had, had to add this youtube video. I'm such a child.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cross 'Em

I tried to withhold information for fear of jinxing myself. We all know I don’t have the Luck (of the Irish) when it comes to finding a suitable suitor to rope. I’m diffident about this revelation, guys, I really am.

Ok, I’ll shut up already and break the news; I went on a date. I know you’re thinking, “Big deal, what else is new?”, but let me say what’s new is I’ve run across another one I’d like to see again. That’s why there's such an immense amount of fear in sharing this. It’s very rare I admit interest, makes me feel entirely too vulnerable.

I’ve got heaps of questions buzzing through my head:
Will he call?
Does he want to see me again?
Was I enough of myself to charm the pants off of him?
What are this guy’s intentions?
Is he going to turn into a rude asshole like The Short Russian a.k.a Hot Lips?
Could I really date a guy with brown eyes?
When is he going to call me?
Is this going to be like the Crush Not Reciprocated?
Will he hang out with me another time, get wasted, try to mug down in public while talking in pout-y, baby voices, and then tell me about his prior experience with three-somes and ask me to put my hand on ‘it’?
Did he call me yet!? (yes, I realize it's mid-day Wednesday :P )


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Quick Run Down of SB 2010

Heavens to Betsy, I’ve got some new friends and am truly excited about our budding relationship!


A few men folk around the place; Unheard of and magnificent considering I spend so much time blogging about men!

Thank you and welcome.

Now, let’s get down to biz.

I’m on Spring Break and it flippin’ blows! I should be happy for a break and don’t mean to bitch, but at 28 it’s not like I’ve got a friends rallying to hang out during the day. I mean, really, they’re respectable adults with jobs. I will have to rework the Spring Break attitude for next year.

To break up the monotony of the day I head to the dollar movie theater, but found the line incredibly long and snaking. What else was I to do other than drive to Dallas for nachos at Tin Star, and more importantly a little…retail therapy? The shopping wasn’t consciously planned, y’all. Stuff happens.

I went to Urban Outfitters because I love their dresses. Oh shit, this is where I lose the fellas…dang! Quick and painless, I promise.

I bought a rad Aries necklace. See, astrological necklaces are a dime a dozen, but I found this particular piece oh so awesome because it has the constellation…SCORE!

Then, I was on a roll. I went to another Urban Outfitters about 2 miles away. Guess what happened?

FYI: Your friend Steph has a thing for purple these days and an undying love for strapless dresses and again, kickball is cancelled because it love to rain in Texas on Tuesdays..

Okay, the pics aren't great, but I never claimed to be a photographer :P

Monday, March 15, 2010

Conclusion of Date# .1

Date #2 spawned Date# .1 Too bad I didn’t know it was the freaking Devil’s spawn!

During the little brother’s birthday party, I was receiving texts from, uh, let’s call him Hot Lips :
“Hey there, just got off. At Target. Long day…What’s up?”

“Lemme know if u wanna drop by during the week”

Which all this later turned into, “Why don’t you come over today?”

I hesitated, thinking this wasn’t such a great idea, but boredom got the best of me after the party. I decided I’d go ahead go over and then we could go out.

We talked on the phone, he sent a text with his address and then I was on my way.

Now, mind you this address didn’t include an apartment name or number. This information is somewhat key. He also lives in a city I do not frequent, nor am I familiar with.

I get to his exit, head north on the toll road, make all the proper turns and see a complex I assume is his.

I ring him up:

“What’s the name of your apartments?”
“They’re called Blah, Blah, Blah.”
“Oh, okay, I’m here. Do you live in the 1st or 2nd building?”
“There’s only one building.” –there were totally TWO buildings!
“Are you near *some landmark*?”
“No, what’s a *some landmark*?”
“A hotel.”
“No, I only see a Hampton Inn.”
“Oh, wait, here is it is. Can you come down and meet me?”
“No, just park by the *some landmark*”

At this point I become annoyed because I think it’s only decent to walk down and meet a sista, right? I mean, really! ...Don’t live there, never been there, have no idea where I am, why the fuck not!?

I hang up, but only after first getting his apartment number and more directions which include me walking up stairs.

I sit in the car, take a deep breath, trying to chill out a little.

I walk into the apartment building and see door after door, no elevator, no stairs. What in the world…

I go into another entrance, seeing the exact same set up. At this point, I walk back to my car, ready to say the heck with it and head back home. Forty stinking minutes back home!

I call one last time to say I’ve gone inside and can’t find where I’m going, to which I get a totally condescending reply, and this is where I get hood. Remember, I told you I got hood?

Okay, so I really wasn’t really all that hood, but I frankly let him know what I thought of him, his lack of manners in the situation, and how him walking down a flight of stairs wouldn’t bring him to his death. Then, he tried to get kind, asking where exactly I was and I told the son of a bitch I was already on the highway, heading home.

No more Hot Lips.

I figure if he was talking to me in the manner he did, his funky little attitude would only get worse. I’m truly thankful I never made it into his front door.

Guess there was a reason I felt the hesitation.

Little Brother's Birthday.

My brother was born 3/14/86 thus it made sense we celebrate! His fiancee set up the party, and it was a really good time. I kept asking they turn the tunes back on, but the men folk remained interested in video gaming. I mostly sat around gabbing in my spandex.

The blender started up, and mudslides were made. Somehow requesting just a little bit literally means you're going to get a teeny weeny bit- My mistake!
What the heck, yeah?

Terry (the birthday boy), Moi, and Alexei, the giant baby of the family.

One of the brother's 3 dogs, Mocha, was definitely in a celebratory mood.

This is my youngest cousin, which reminds me I forgot to post his birthday pics. His party was a real doozy. Not only was it his birthday, it was my coming out party although I'm totally non-lesbo.
Me attempting a serious glare at my other cousin...
The older cousin I was glaring at, with his glasses like a grandpa.
Terribly excited about my newest brothers, or rather brother-in-laws is what I think you call them.
This burger is the mystery burger. Someone assembled it, took a bite, left it and then wouldn't claim it, but we all know the culprit. *This all went down before Date# .1

The Dating Winds Down

This past week I averaged about 2.1 dates.

Date #1
He’s new to the area. We’ve been corresponding for a few weeks and finally met. Like usual, there were no special sparks working me into a tizzy. In fact, he was shorter than advertised with a round, bald spot smack in the middle of the back of his head. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have my pitfalls as well, especially since I quit taking my birth control and have little pimples sporadically sprouting. I’m merely emphasizing the lack of attraction I felt for this guy. And, Lord knows, I’m totally sick of guys misrepresenting their height, unless I’m like 5’9 and have no idea and I’m the one exaggerating my size.

Needless to say, another no go, but hey(!) there weren’t any weird revelations or unwanted advances, so I must say the meeting went well.

Date #2
Another Dallas newbie and shorty, but at least I wasn’t taller this time around. I was way more casually dressed than he, but oh well; I was suckered by his attractiveness. Initially the conversation was like pulling teeth. He wasn’t divulging much and for Pete’s sake a girl needs something to work with in order to make conversation. I took a little pity because he did seem incredibly nervous.

After awhile the mood lightened and all was okay. The date ended and I respectfully went home after a hot lip lock to get ready for another date which didn’t happen because I got a terrible sinus headache on my way home. Meh.

Oh, and this one also followed up with the message that goes a long way, like the prior week’s #4.

Date #.1
You’re wondering what’s up with the .1, right? I had to cut things short. I’ll tell you later. I’m sure you can imagine things were fairly fucked.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Say Your Prayers!

March 9, 2010

Dear Friend,

I know I’ve said this before, but it’s entirely heartfelt; I miss you and I’m sorry. Life has been crazy. 2010 has been a nut fest. Amongst the unemployment, or rather free employment, lethargy, senioritis, dating disasters, moving in with The Moms, and overall burn out, our relationship has suffered. I still love you. I really do. I still creep around your place with a fitful eye.

In a nutshell, I’ve lost my mojo.

Do you, my friend, have any idea how I can reinvigorate the mojo? I so desire to come back to you and be what we once were, when times were good between us.

However, there is one small problem in fixing our problem. See, I’ve piled on yet another situation to compound things. Yes, one more thing to wear my ass down. Do you want to know what the something is, the yet another that’s coming between us?

Remember back when we were meeting up at another address? There was a childhood activity I longed to be a part of, but was unable due to scheduling. Welp, friend, time has finally presented itself.

Yes, it’s true. I will be partaking in a bit of kickball on Tuesday nights. The season officially starts next week with a pick-up game going down this Tuesday.

Please tell me we can work around this minor speed bump, right?

Love You,

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Date #4 of the Week

I came home from Saturday night’s date, kicked back with my What A Burger taquitos and chatted up ScoMan on Facebook. After telling him how my night went down, he said something along the lines of he’s happy for me as a friend, but bored as a reader, so let me warn you, this may be boring.

Dating 4 different dudes in a week is exhausting.

I was somewhat excited to go out with this guy. He looked like Gym (yes, another made up name. One of The Moms came up with the moniker), only taller. Lord, I love men around my height, but the option of heels is always nice to have which isn’t quite possible if he’s 5’7 or 5’8. It seems like there’s always some sort of trade off; either the man is a total hot bod with a receding hairline or has a full, thick head of hair and a less than amazing body. Why can’t I find a happy medium!? Anyway, I’m losing you; let me get back to it.

Ok yeah, he’s cute and super, duper flipping polite. I was completely prepared for the worst, had my wall up and he ending up being a nice guy. Totally has his date etiquette in order. What the hell, right? Talked a whole lot, he actually rang me, instead of texting everything, opened doors, gave his sweater, walked on the proper side of me, didn’t attempt to ram his tongue down my throat/“mug down”, and here’s the kicker. Get ready, Friends…He sent a text asking if I made it home o.k.

The text did it for me; SOLD!

Seriously, I didn’t know how to act. Then, I felt kind of f’ed up because I’m thinking how I’ve been looking forward to a normal, decent date and then BANG! it happens and I become a clueless, silent, mess of a nerd.

I’ve become incredibly accustomed to handling myself in socially awkward situations. Isn’t this a sad state of affairs!? I gotta tell y’all, I’m tired.


I'm not counting on any second dates with this one.

And, we watched Alice in Wonderland. I say, not

the greatest of movies, but visually awesome.

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Date #3 of the Week.

Another to the point post; a copied & pasted Facebook Messenger convo. Here's a quick rundown of the date:

date...a wash
clearly im staying in town

16:04 C
yes i see
so bad date huh
it didnt start that way
we met uptown for drinks. handsome guy. attorney, traveler, seemed like he's
holding things down, good conversation, fun flirtation.....
he got WASTED!
starts telling me how cute i am in some weird baby voice and trying to mug down on the patio

16:05 C
whats wrong with that?

uh the whole last part is whats wrong

16:06 C
sounds nice to me
shut up

16:07 C
just date him an encourage him not to drink
come to find out he brought his own Solo cup filled with vodka and tea, left it outside and wouldnt leave the bar without it

16:07 C
you know how to pick em

...Wow, Really? JML

Let's make a long story short...some of you may be pressed for time.

A very cute friend of mine has recently joined the world. We were comparing/suggesting prospects via Facebook chat. Some were serious, and others were more like, "Hey this guy awkwardly holding his cat would be great for you".

The thing with clicking profiles on is people know you've browsed them. One of my "ha, ha suggestions" struck last night with the following message:

Subject: Like a Snuggie, Except More Fleshy
Damn it, you look like a lot of fun. Why do you have to be all the way over there?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


"Either way, it happens to the best of us. I think that we may be a lot alike in the "avoiding drama at all costs" area and then when you have a sudden attack of "gangster-ness" you immediately regret it and think, why am I buying into this mess."
Ok, y'all...
I got this message earlier from a sweet, sugar pie who will remain nameless, and must say, totally sums up how things were Monday. Thank you, Friend :) Just when I complain about dramatic mess, I get a little of my own. Sux Delux, yet reminds me of the avoidance factor.
Here it is, Wednesday, and I'm feeling mostly awesome; I'm completely in love with my new, sparkly, pewter Madden sandles, want to tongue kiss the IRS, and had 2 somewhat successful dates this week & am looking forward to a few more this week.

It's heaps better to focus on positive, let the small stuff slide, and try your damnedest to keep a smile on your face, even if it's breaking out as a result of not refilling your birth control pills. fucking hormones.