Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cross 'Em

I tried to withhold information for fear of jinxing myself. We all know I don’t have the Luck (of the Irish) when it comes to finding a suitable suitor to rope. I’m diffident about this revelation, guys, I really am.

Ok, I’ll shut up already and break the news; I went on a date. I know you’re thinking, “Big deal, what else is new?”, but let me say what’s new is I’ve run across another one I’d like to see again. That’s why there's such an immense amount of fear in sharing this. It’s very rare I admit interest, makes me feel entirely too vulnerable.

I’ve got heaps of questions buzzing through my head:
Will he call?
Does he want to see me again?
Was I enough of myself to charm the pants off of him?
What are this guy’s intentions?
Is he going to turn into a rude asshole like The Short Russian a.k.a Hot Lips?
Could I really date a guy with brown eyes?
When is he going to call me?
Is this going to be like the Crush Not Reciprocated?
Will he hang out with me another time, get wasted, try to mug down in public while talking in pout-y, baby voices, and then tell me about his prior experience with three-somes and ask me to put my hand on ‘it’?
Did he call me yet!? (yes, I realize it's mid-day Wednesday :P )



Anthony said...

Man, how are you going to post about the awful time we have together knowing I'm going to read it?

Anyway, if he's neurotic he'll be thinking the same things you are and if he doesn't get in touch in the next day or two I would say something to him. If he's a take charge kind of guy who led you through everything then I would give him his space. He knows what he wants and will get in touch if he wants to see you again.

Veronica Marcetti Dimick said...

I'm crossing my fingers for you!

Alissa said...

"Could I really date a guy with brown eyes?" - Ha. You really ask the imponderables.

I hope he calls!

Christina In Wonderland said...

All fingers and toes crossed. And maybe my eyes too. Will that help your luck?

Cecilia said...

*crossing my fingers and toes*

you're adorabible :)

Steph said...

@Anthony: Wait...are you calling me neurotic? :)

I wouldn't dare give up our secrets!

@Veronica: Do you pray? heheh

@Alissa: I guess I got a little shallow, but strangely enough it's quite an oddity...not that I go chosing men based on eye color.

@Christina: Yes, but you must uncross the eyes at times so you don't lose your balance because that'll throw everything off.

@Cecilia: Hoorah! and thanks :D

Anthony said...

I have about the entire female game down in my head. Problem is when I actually get into the situation myself I forget everything I know. Kind of like Hitch, I guess. So fear not I won't be analyzing what you're doing or thinking :)

Steph said...

@Anthony: I'm also oblivious, so we should be good.

Her mommy said...

I'll cross my fallopian tubes in hopes that there's a date #2!

carissa said...

Well did he did he did he? I'm basically saying we need an update! Mostly because I need a distraction while playing my own waiting game.

Steph said...

@Carissa: He sent a msg Thurs evening saying he got really wasted Wed. night and was hung over and working all day Thurs. No word since...