Sunday, April 25, 2010

New Take on Dating

Remember, way back...not so long ago? Yeah, that's exactly what I meant to say. Yes, back when I was dating up a storm, sometimes double and triple booking? Good grief, it was fun, dysfunctional, discouraging and did I say fun?

For all intents and purposes you could honestly say my milkshake was bringing all the boys to the yard. Alas, I've given up my date-a-holic behavior and went as far as clearing out my mental queue of menfolk.

****SIDE NOTE: totally forgot to mention I dated an ex-male stripper in early March. How in the dickens did I forget to tell anyone!?****

Amongst, the '09/10 Date-Fest is when we ran into DLC...Surely you remember him! He's still around and I still like him. Sometimes I feel sure he likes me, and then other times I wonder if we have mutual feelings.

It's scary to wonder if he does indeed like me and see potential, and it's far easier to dole out the undeniably awkward charm to "leave an extra candle burning just in case one goes out", like my good friend told me to do. I can't play the games involved; I simply don't have it in me to deal with the kind of stuff like the message copied & pasted below, even though it's hilariously funny and we LOVE it:

"Hey hi....I do believe your profile fits your photos very well which is okay. You do seem to have a lot of positive energy about you. And you sure do take very nice pictures. If i would have been around you the day that you were wearing that outfit in photo 14 you would have had my complete attention all day long you have very very nice legs. I know i am a leg man and i would have been trying very hard not to stare at your lovely legs if I had been with you that day(oh and i would have been trying my best to see as much as i could of you...not trying to be too forward just letting you know the facts). Oh and i am not saying that your physical appearance is everything it's not...there's a lot more to you than just your legs....i think i will take another look at photo 14...well perhaps a couple of looks!!"


I guess you could say, if you really wanted to, Facebook has had an interesting effect on our lives, yeah?

Okay, so like most, I’ve reconnected with friends from as early as my elementary school days back in Mingo Junction, erroneously "friended" men while still in the "getting to know phase", appeared in various embarrassing pics, met a brother and sister after 28 years of living and then a cousin, ran across the former best lay of my lifetime, the person I’ve shared the MOST embarrassing moment of my life with, which has caused me to never think of BBQ tongs and a flashlight in the same way, and then this guy:
Through all that reconnection stuff, I pleasantly bumped into this old junior high chum, which spurred a partner to attend Southlake's Art in the Square.

No, my main purpose for attendance had absolutely nothing to do with modern art, it was all about the frozen bellini, which by the way was totally rad although I think it significantly contributed to a slight case of the poopsies.

While at Art in the Square I saw heaps of art, dancing kids, listened to Rastafarian type-hippy looking singers and the world's worst story-teller, played with an iPad, spun a wheel & won a voucher for a large pizza and took in strange events including a hot make out session and a couple walking their...birds.

Take a peek, Friends:

Saturday, April 24, 2010


I'm still amongst the living.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Welcome To My Sad Little Blog

This picture is incredibly perfecto! Okay, almost. I'm sure you've already establish I look nothing like the girl photographed, nor does my line of work have anything to do with large snakes and God knows I wouldn't be caught dead wearing a belly chain, but all that's irrelevant.

Things are nut-so, INSANELY busy with graduation and the certification process just around the corner! With that said, it's hard to find and/or narrow topics for your eyeball's consumption. If you have any topic suggestions or questions you'd like answered, I'd love, love, LOVE to hear from you:

Thursday, April 8, 2010

I'm F-ing Inconsistant *Here's Yet Another Update*

  • I, Steph, finally won a give away hosted by Alissa and feel like a total bad ass as a result. However, I lost another contest, an "ugly photo" contest, held by Mel. I guess I should be honored my photo wasn't the worst, but I'm not and to be honest, the winner is much more deserving. I love her ugly mug! -Shout out to the Pro-Steph Voters *WOOT WOOT* :)
  • Got a totally rad (and silly) manicure. I typically get phony nails or a French manicure, but not this time around! I got Easter/Birthday nails:
  • Had a birthday April 5th, but kind of celebrated on the 3rd @ Pete's Piano in Addison. I complained all last week about having to share the spotlight with Jesus since Easter Sunday fell during Birthday Weekend '10. I can only hope God has a sense of humor.
  • Was pulled over by the police for the 2nd time in my 28.99 years while on my way to my university to make a major purchase. Thank you Hurst police for adding to my's not like I can see my tail light; after all it is behind me. Anyway, my cap and gown has been purchased for graduation and my body is about to shut down in a few weeks. *Graduating Magna Cum Laude bitches* Oh, speaking of bitches I would've been Summa Cum Laude had I not missed one, single, solitary day of class, which lowered my overall grade in that class to a B.
  • Haven't been on any dates. Yes, my serial dating has come to an end; at least for now. I don't know when or if it's going to pick up again. Gosh, did I really just lose some readers!? I know this is crazy, but I'm still hanging out with DLC. I even ditched the one I was going to hold in my dating queue. Nuts, right?

  • Just days away from taking the last test before I can apply to The State Board of Education for teacher certification. I'm a gosh darn wreck, y'all!

Enjoy this short vid-The first stage strutter is a 67 year old lady also celebrating her birth @ Pete's Piano. They paid $100.00 to hear Pussy Control.

Giggle Fits from stephanie on Vimeo.