Sunday, March 7, 2010

Date #4 of the Week

I came home from Saturday night’s date, kicked back with my What A Burger taquitos and chatted up ScoMan on Facebook. After telling him how my night went down, he said something along the lines of he’s happy for me as a friend, but bored as a reader, so let me warn you, this may be boring.

Dating 4 different dudes in a week is exhausting.

I was somewhat excited to go out with this guy. He looked like Gym (yes, another made up name. One of The Moms came up with the moniker), only taller. Lord, I love men around my height, but the option of heels is always nice to have which isn’t quite possible if he’s 5’7 or 5’8. It seems like there’s always some sort of trade off; either the man is a total hot bod with a receding hairline or has a full, thick head of hair and a less than amazing body. Why can’t I find a happy medium!? Anyway, I’m losing you; let me get back to it.

Ok yeah, he’s cute and super, duper flipping polite. I was completely prepared for the worst, had my wall up and he ending up being a nice guy. Totally has his date etiquette in order. What the hell, right? Talked a whole lot, he actually rang me, instead of texting everything, opened doors, gave his sweater, walked on the proper side of me, didn’t attempt to ram his tongue down my throat/“mug down”, and here’s the kicker. Get ready, Friends…He sent a text asking if I made it home o.k.

The text did it for me; SOLD!

Seriously, I didn’t know how to act. Then, I felt kind of f’ed up because I’m thinking how I’ve been looking forward to a normal, decent date and then BANG! it happens and I become a clueless, silent, mess of a nerd.

I’ve become incredibly accustomed to handling myself in socially awkward situations. Isn’t this a sad state of affairs!? I gotta tell y’all, I’m tired.


I'm not counting on any second dates with this one.

And, we watched Alice in Wonderland. I say, not

the greatest of movies, but visually awesome.

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ScoMan said...

Oh yes all that soppy romantic nice stuff.. might strike a chord with the ladies but I think us guys would rather be laughing at some of the note so good dates.

Seriously though, I am happy you had a great date with a nice guy. I hope you do get a second date.

Cecilia said...

Progress! You deserve a decent date!

On the being bored note, I'm not finding myself bored...but I wonder if there will be a gender divide here?

Anonymous said...

Why no 2nd date? Sounds like a great evening and a prince charming.

Christina In Wonderland said...

Aw. You should have a second date with him. He seemed nice!

krystal said...

why not a 2nd date???

nina said...

You've been a busy little girl!

So, wait. Why no second date?

Steph said...

@Scoman: Thanks, friend :)

@Cecilia: Sadly, I don't have many male readers, but I'm going to go with yes on the gender divide.

@Jean Christina, Krystal &Nina: Hmm, he seemed to have the mannerisms of an EX. Is that weird of me?

Angelia Sims said...

WTH? Are you really ready? Sounds like he was a catch and you threw him back in the pond.

I once had 3 dates in ONE day. THAT was exhausting and VERY stupid!
Dating made me nuts.

Steph said...

@Angelia: 3 in one day!? Sounds like a great challenge to me :D haha

He is okay, I just wasn't too sure about him. I'm ready, but I don't think he's "it".