Monday, March 15, 2010

Little Brother's Birthday.

My brother was born 3/14/86 thus it made sense we celebrate! His fiancee set up the party, and it was a really good time. I kept asking they turn the tunes back on, but the men folk remained interested in video gaming. I mostly sat around gabbing in my spandex.

The blender started up, and mudslides were made. Somehow requesting just a little bit literally means you're going to get a teeny weeny bit- My mistake!
What the heck, yeah?

Terry (the birthday boy), Moi, and Alexei, the giant baby of the family.

One of the brother's 3 dogs, Mocha, was definitely in a celebratory mood.

This is my youngest cousin, which reminds me I forgot to post his birthday pics. His party was a real doozy. Not only was it his birthday, it was my coming out party although I'm totally non-lesbo.
Me attempting a serious glare at my other cousin...
The older cousin I was glaring at, with his glasses like a grandpa.
Terribly excited about my newest brothers, or rather brother-in-laws is what I think you call them.
This burger is the mystery burger. Someone assembled it, took a bite, left it and then wouldn't claim it, but we all know the culprit. *This all went down before Date# .1


Bathwater said...

Well at least there was some fun in between the dates.

Steph said...

@Bathwater: I do more than date like a maniac ;)

Ashley R said...

awww, mocha is adorable!

Tania-Dreams2010 said...

Love the family pics!

Steph said...

@Ashley: Mocha is a cutie, right? The balloon cracked me up.

@Tania: Thanks :)

Amber said...

Aww you're adorable!