Monday, March 15, 2010

Conclusion of Date# .1

Date #2 spawned Date# .1 Too bad I didn’t know it was the freaking Devil’s spawn!

During the little brother’s birthday party, I was receiving texts from, uh, let’s call him Hot Lips :
“Hey there, just got off. At Target. Long day…What’s up?”

“Lemme know if u wanna drop by during the week”

Which all this later turned into, “Why don’t you come over today?”

I hesitated, thinking this wasn’t such a great idea, but boredom got the best of me after the party. I decided I’d go ahead go over and then we could go out.

We talked on the phone, he sent a text with his address and then I was on my way.

Now, mind you this address didn’t include an apartment name or number. This information is somewhat key. He also lives in a city I do not frequent, nor am I familiar with.

I get to his exit, head north on the toll road, make all the proper turns and see a complex I assume is his.

I ring him up:

“What’s the name of your apartments?”
“They’re called Blah, Blah, Blah.”
“Oh, okay, I’m here. Do you live in the 1st or 2nd building?”
“There’s only one building.” –there were totally TWO buildings!
“Are you near *some landmark*?”
“No, what’s a *some landmark*?”
“A hotel.”
“No, I only see a Hampton Inn.”
“Oh, wait, here is it is. Can you come down and meet me?”
“No, just park by the *some landmark*”

At this point I become annoyed because I think it’s only decent to walk down and meet a sista, right? I mean, really! ...Don’t live there, never been there, have no idea where I am, why the fuck not!?

I hang up, but only after first getting his apartment number and more directions which include me walking up stairs.

I sit in the car, take a deep breath, trying to chill out a little.

I walk into the apartment building and see door after door, no elevator, no stairs. What in the world…

I go into another entrance, seeing the exact same set up. At this point, I walk back to my car, ready to say the heck with it and head back home. Forty stinking minutes back home!

I call one last time to say I’ve gone inside and can’t find where I’m going, to which I get a totally condescending reply, and this is where I get hood. Remember, I told you I got hood?

Okay, so I really wasn’t really all that hood, but I frankly let him know what I thought of him, his lack of manners in the situation, and how him walking down a flight of stairs wouldn’t bring him to his death. Then, he tried to get kind, asking where exactly I was and I told the son of a bitch I was already on the highway, heading home.

No more Hot Lips.

I figure if he was talking to me in the manner he did, his funky little attitude would only get worse. I’m truly thankful I never made it into his front door.

Guess there was a reason I felt the hesitation.


Katherine said...

What a tool! Good for you for letting him know what a complete loser he is!

Arnetta Green said...

The whole time I'm reading, I'm thinking...please say you turned around and left.please say you turned around and left. Glad you didn't waste any more of your time with that douche-panther. He was sending out some serious red flags.

Steph said...

@Katherine: Thanks :) I wonder how often someone told him what's what? I think it isn't very often...

@Arnetta: Indeed! I was annoyed, but relieved.

Smart Ass Sara said...

Damn straight chicky! Why wouldn't he give you an apartment number? That's pretty bizarre. You should check him out online to see if he has a criminal record. :)

Steph said...

@Sara: He gave the apartment name and number only after I was there. A total creeper!

I'm going to look him up ;)

Ashley R said...

ew, wtf is wrong with him?? you're going out of your way for this dude, and he doesn't even have the decency to be polite? Especially when he's ridiculous enough to not even give you his full address or better directions. Good on you for telling him off and not going to his door!

Steph said...

@Ashley: IDK. He did mention on our date he isn't much of a people person. RED FLAG...ignored. Ooops!

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

What a douche! I'm surprised you even went through all that trouble. Good thing you didn't bother going further by actually knocking on his door. What an asshole!

Steph said...

@Mel: After the drive there I was like...hmm, might as well, but I became so annoyed with the jerk face. I'd be doing myself a disservice by hanging out with me!

Bathwater said...

Steph you are so right you deserve much better treatment than that. He should have met you out somewhere.

Steph said...

@Mel: Ooops! I meant *by hanging out with HIM! hahah

@Bathwater: Really, what happened to kind, respectable men. Have they really gone by the wayside or are my expectations just too much? Who tolerates and welcomes this kind of behavior...

Mel said...

Stopping by from 20sb, just like I promised. I'm glad I stopped by. Your blog is a breeze to read. What a find. I am so following.

Oh, and that guy sounds like a jerk. Boo him. A girl doesn't need to take that crap!

Anthony Licari said...

Can I be date .2, pretty please?

Steph said...

@Anthony: Well, what dickish thing are you to pull? haha

Anthony Licari said...


Maybe start with a low key dinner where we can get a good feel for each other and you know make sure neither of us are crazy.

Head out and find some quality nightlife around interesting people. I'm not a huge fan of the typical mating scene going on at the epicenter of most cities.

After we're well liquored up and enjoying the night go off and find a place to relax, maybe eat some good after bar food. Tell stories and laugh.

Fairly generic, I'd say but an enjoyable first night.

Anonymous said...

um... SUCH A GOOD CHOICE. i've been in that situation and chose to stay... and trust me, i wish i hadn't.

way to be strong, woman! especially with a guy whose nickname is hot lips... ;)

carissa said...

Good for you for leaving! For reals. He seemed like a total doushe. And I know a thing or two about douches.

Steph said...

@Anthony: That's not a .2 date, that kind of evening deserves a whole number LOL.

I'm so no accustomed to normalcy...I wouldn't know how to act. So when are we on?

@likeagiraffe: Oooh, you have to spill your guts if it's not too traumatic ;)

@Carissa: You were about 2ft away from a Steph date a few weeks ago, if only you knew it!

You need to get an informercial Whisper 2000 and sit in on the next date...I try to take them to the same spots because as a general rule, I refuse to drive too far for the jackasses I've been meeting :D

Joe said...

First mistake: Communicating through texts not just calling you.

Anthony Licari said...


Well next time I'm around those parts of course. :)

Alianna said...

Hahahaha! That was some date!

I've been there though. Somehow, it just doesn't seem that unrealistic to give a girl lots of information; more than you think she needs, right? I mean, how often do people get lost??

Steph said...

@Joe: There was conversation as well, but I really do think it's time a lot of guys man up and actually call a girl!

@Anthony: Ok, I'm going to hold you to it!

@Alianna: What's more I had to give him directions the day before!

Ambwe said...

Haaah, love it. You kick ass :)

Steph said...

@Ambwe: Glad we're on the same page...hahah :P
Thanks for stopping by!