Monday, March 15, 2010

The Dating Winds Down

This past week I averaged about 2.1 dates.

Date #1
He’s new to the area. We’ve been corresponding for a few weeks and finally met. Like usual, there were no special sparks working me into a tizzy. In fact, he was shorter than advertised with a round, bald spot smack in the middle of the back of his head. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have my pitfalls as well, especially since I quit taking my birth control and have little pimples sporadically sprouting. I’m merely emphasizing the lack of attraction I felt for this guy. And, Lord knows, I’m totally sick of guys misrepresenting their height, unless I’m like 5’9 and have no idea and I’m the one exaggerating my size.

Needless to say, another no go, but hey(!) there weren’t any weird revelations or unwanted advances, so I must say the meeting went well.

Date #2
Another Dallas newbie and shorty, but at least I wasn’t taller this time around. I was way more casually dressed than he, but oh well; I was suckered by his attractiveness. Initially the conversation was like pulling teeth. He wasn’t divulging much and for Pete’s sake a girl needs something to work with in order to make conversation. I took a little pity because he did seem incredibly nervous.

After awhile the mood lightened and all was okay. The date ended and I respectfully went home after a hot lip lock to get ready for another date which didn’t happen because I got a terrible sinus headache on my way home. Meh.

Oh, and this one also followed up with the message that goes a long way, like the prior week’s #4.

Date #.1
You’re wondering what’s up with the .1, right? I had to cut things short. I’ll tell you later. I’m sure you can imagine things were fairly fucked.


carissa said...

Girl, I love hearing about your dating stories. Makes me want to get out there and date. Sorry about the shorties though.

Bathwater said...

Honestly how can anyone go on that many dates in a week. I would be beside myself with all the aggravation and wasted time.

Smart Ass Sara said...

Man. what I wouldn't give to actually go on a date. I have *never* been on a date with a stranger. *sigh* I'm crazy and blurt out things randomly so it would be fun. If only for the entertainment value.

Steph said...

@Carissa: Do it, misery loves company! Just kidding :) Wait for .1

@Bathwater: When I had 4 in one week I was totally exhausted and yes, I was beside myself. It's way more work than I want to put in, especially for what they've all turned out to be.

@Sara: I thought it would be good to put myself out there, meet some people I didn't already know in a round about sort of way and think I've learned I've gone about this whole thing all wrong! However, the entertainment value is HIGH! Taking into consideration the things that have gone on thus far, I've begun to blurt of randomness causing a look of shock and disbelief- way good!

S.I.F. said...

You date more than anyone I have ever met! It is seriously impressive!

Steph said...

@SIF: It's so much work and I get no return LOL I don't have much left in me :)

I go with these guys having good intentions, but usually leave with semi-ok material for the blog. The blog probably needs to be redirected.

Living with Balls said...

I thank God I am not short. It's gotta be tough for short guys to meet women.