Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Quick Run Down of SB 2010

Heavens to Betsy, I’ve got some new friends and am truly excited about our budding relationship!


A few men folk around the place; Unheard of and magnificent considering I spend so much time blogging about men!

Thank you and welcome.

Now, let’s get down to biz.

I’m on Spring Break and it flippin’ blows! I should be happy for a break and don’t mean to bitch, but at 28 it’s not like I’ve got a friends rallying to hang out during the day. I mean, really, they’re respectable adults with jobs. I will have to rework the Spring Break attitude for next year.

To break up the monotony of the day I head to the dollar movie theater, but found the line incredibly long and snaking. What else was I to do other than drive to Dallas for nachos at Tin Star, and more importantly a little…retail therapy? The shopping wasn’t consciously planned, y’all. Stuff happens.

I went to Urban Outfitters because I love their dresses. Oh shit, this is where I lose the fellas…dang! Quick and painless, I promise.

I bought a rad Aries necklace. See, astrological necklaces are a dime a dozen, but I found this particular piece oh so awesome because it has the constellation…SCORE!

Then, I was on a roll. I went to another Urban Outfitters about 2 miles away. Guess what happened?

FYI: Your friend Steph has a thing for purple these days and an undying love for strapless dresses and again, kickball is cancelled because it love to rain in Texas on Tuesdays..

Okay, the pics aren't great, but I never claimed to be a photographer :P


Arnetta Green said...

Cute dress! I did some retail therapy yesterday. Still working through some problems, so I think I may have to do another session this weekend. :-)

Nina said...

heheh oooh you're an urban fan too. : ) ok your dress is better.

Smart Ass Sara said...

I can relate. My shopping is OUT OF CONTROL. I am pretty much a shop-a-holic. I'm waiting for a Dr. Phil intervention any day.

Dorkys Ramos said...

I can't wait til it's warm enough to bother looking cute again.

Her mommy said...


Steph said...

@Arnetta: I'm glad I'm not alone, but I'm gonna have to give it a rest considering I have no paying job!

@Nina: I'd say a junkie is more like it :)

@Sara: Be sure to drag me along with you. It's a problem. A serious problem.

@Dorkys: Girl, it's time to prep! haha

@Mommy: Thanks. I saw Vapiano and thought of you... :)

Angelia Sims said...

Love the necklace and the dress is weeet woooo (that was me whistling). Heh!

You go girl with your shopping self. It's spring break! Shop til you drop then CRAWL.

You could come meet me for lunch if you get really desperate. HA.

Tracita Linda (Tracey) said...

I almost missed the comment link! But I just wanted to tell you that I love your background and I'm feeling the same sentiment re the friends thing- I'm thinking about posting re my 'girl friend deficiency' soon since I see I'm not the only one suffering from this.
You have some quick-witted humor. I know throughout my monotous work day I need that sometimes. Instant follower.

Steph said...

@Angelia: I was so alone yesterday! No one to hand out with. It was sad :/

sarah said...

there's something about you and this post that i really like.

Steph said...

@Tracita: I appreciate you stopping by and getting a kick outta this place :)

On my way to check you out!

Steph said...

@Sarah: Aww, thanks. I'd give you a big kiss if I could! No tongue though :/