Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Crush...

short lived. not reciprocated.


Arnetta Green said...

Ewwwww! Look at your faaaaace!!! :-( LOL - and what's the story behind that title?

Latia said...

Their loss.

Bathwater said...

Well you didn't have to be so mean about it. I can go and crush on someone else!

ScoMan said...

Boo to them for not reciprocating. Or maybe yay if it was short lived anyway.

Cecilia said...

Oh Steph...that picture is awesome!
But bummer about your crush :( now it's on to bigger and better things! And perhaps more time for yourself?
Either way, you know I think you're the bees knees :)
So, I'm passing along a Happy Award to you, my lovely Stephie :)

S.I.F. said...

Oh man. I'm sorry, I just really laughed!

MKL said...

I was reading many blogs with long posts. And then I saw this, haha. OMG, you are really creative and refreshing. Sorry to hear it was short lived.

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Awww...silly lady! Hmmm... interesting title, what happened to "the crush"? =)

carissajaded said...

I'm right there with ya. They ALL SUCK!! hahaha thanks for the laugh though!

Steph said...

@Arnetta: I know, I know :D The title is because I had a short lived crush, but it wasn't reciprocated. As soon as I figured out the crush seemed to dissipate, which is def. a plus! No hard feeling & no real surprise :P

@Latia: Or maybe it's my gain! HAHA

@Bathwater: You may maintain your crush ;) teehee

@Scoman: Yeah, there's no investment after just hanging out twice.

@Cecilia: I'm glad you like the's one of my favs.

I really should be focusing on myself seeing as I do have alot going on right now. Additionally, dating is awkward, too much work, bad more times than it's good, etc, etc! I haven't the patience.

Thank for your the award :)

@SIF: You're good because it's supposed to be funny. I only hung out with the guy twice. He was easy on the eyes and seemed like he'd be okay to take around the friends. Nothing major!

@Mel: Hmm, what happened...well I sent him a text he replied, and when I asked if he wanted to meet up again...NO RESPONSE! I can handle rejection, but sheesh, why just blow a sista off. That's mean & cowardly in my opinion, but I know lots of people don't have the guts to tell the truth.

@Carissa:hahaha! Thanks for seeing the humor!!

they do suck