Thursday, December 10, 2009


I made myself a snow ball as perfect as could be.

I thought I'd keep it as a pet

and let it sleep with me.

I made it some pajamas
and a pillow for it's head.

Then, last night it ran away.

But first

-- it wet the bed.

Shel Silverstein

I detest winter, holidays are the pits, I'm a kind of a Scrooge & don't care. However, enthusiam of 6 and 7 year olds soften you a bit. This is a cute little poem the kids recite in class. It cracks me up!
I found this image from The Snowy Day on a random blog. If you've got a a minute, check it out here! Somebody made a short 2 minute movie of the story & it's really sweet.


ScoMan said...

Hahaha That poem is awesome. It's just a shame there's no snow here or you know I'd be saying it to everyone I saw between now and the end of.. well what would be winter but is actually summer.

Kerri said...

Wow, we just discussed this book in my surface design class!
Then made pictures using cut patterned paper ourselves. Yes, I go to college for this. It's awesome.
Actually, Steph, you should come up to Ontario and go to school with me!
...And, come to think of it, my friend's friend is actually a Degrassi extra! It's filmed a 40 minute train ride away, so you could go and check it out in real life! And you'd have an in!

There. Three year plan for you. Done and done.

MKL said...

Love the poem :-) So good, thanks for sharing.

I'm a little Scrooge, too, hehe.. but when I see other people happy, I'm happy, too.

Steph said...

@Scott: You, my sweet, can keep this in mind for little AJ when it turns winter!

@Kerri: I'd go to Canada in a heart beat! You could decorate my place, I could make an appearance on Degrassi, you can take me around town on your moped! LOL

I went to Niagra Falls and don't count that trip. I really would like to check out Ontario.

AND, it's so cool you got to discuss this book & make pictures outta patterend paper! I'm not quite ready for grad school :( but, did you check out the Snowy Day video link?

@MKL: I'm glad you enjoyed the poem. I was sorta hesitant about posting it since it's a kiddie poem. You know, I've never been a huge poetry fan, but there are some excellent childrens' poems!