Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Stop This Flannel Trend At Once!

Waking up on a completely abnormal snowy Texas morn, I had to figure out what to wear, but the majority of my clothing remains haphazardly stuffed away in boxes limiting my options.

I picked out my favorite pair of dark Hudson’s, a once worn black, brown and blue-ish flannel shirt and my generic black Yeti boots. No, I don’t tuck them in either. I felt a bit awkward in this get up. I mostly hate collared, button up and polo style shirts, which is why I've only worn the shirt once; they make me feel masculine looking, especially with my 15 year old boy figure…the rack also seems to disappear in these shirts. Anyway, I walk into the living room where my little brother is watching some Asian looking cartoon and plant myself in front of him:

“Do I look like a lesbo in this outfit?”

“No, but you look like a lumber jack”

“Damn it! That means I look like a lesbo lumber jack”

“Some people like that look.”

“Yeah, then some big butch babe is going to see me and wanna turn me out. You know I’m easy to persuade.”


Carolina said...

This is seriously soooo funny!
Aaaaaand being that I AM one of those makes it even funnier!!

“Yeah, then some big butch babe is going to see me and wanna turn me out. You know I’m easy to persuade.”

That seriously still has me laughing!!

:) :)

Steph said...

@Carolina: I'm glad someone found this funny. I thought it was a real hoot this morning, but my humor is often overlooked LOL

I especially like the picture!

ScoMan said...

Hahaha well it's about time the Lesbian Lumberjack Loving Lesbians got some Loving.

Thanks for a good laugh.

OmegaRadium said...

Lesbo Lumberjacks, I'm sure they'd be extremely pleased to see a girl like you join their ranks even for a moment. haha.

Steph said...

@Scott: That's what I'm here for...I am a lover ;)

@JJ: They probably won't let me go either! hahah

Nina said...

haha i am guilty of wearing the flannel shirt. people call me lumber jack all the time when i wear it but it's just so cozy!

Steph said...

@Nina: I really wanna jump of the flannel bandwagon and would probably endure the lumber jack comments, but like I said...I feel manly. I think it's a complex :P