Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What I Did

My holiday consisted mostly of cookies :/

I’m slightly festive deficient and don’t think there’s been much mention of Christmas ‘round here, if any. Hold on tight, this is the picture heavy post I mentioned a few days ago and it’s ALL ABOUT CHRISTMAS! Christmas Eve, north Texas had a wild snow storm! Well, if you wan to get technical, it was pretty weak, but wild by Texas standards. I, Stephanie, lay on the near the fire place, dozing on and off, feeling sickly and watching a marathon of The First 48. I had a number of crumpled tissues in my vicinity. It was an ugly sight. Things went for cold, boring and uncomfortable to pure excitment because silly me temporarily forgot about Novelista Barista's Secret Santa Swap & my present arrived!!
My santa was the generous lady behind StutteringShell.com, Michelle, and let me tell you, she knows how to pick out some gifts! Thank you :D

Christmas morning, Mom woke me up 30 minutes before my alarm was set to strike. I was annoyed, but quickly reminded myself Mom has no little excited babies, plus the Mom’s spent their hard earned cash; I got up and moseyed towards the Christmas tree. Our first falsie ever by the way.

Next up was a 15 minute power nap before my grand exit with ExB. I got to see ICE! at Gaylord Texan. Oh, it is beautiful, so, so beautiful, wondrous, magical, A+ excellent. We also had a great buffet breakfast at the Riverwalk Café located inside of this monster hotel *sigh*


ScoMan said...

Nice Grinch pictures.

And being woken up early is not a cool Christmas present. But getting up early for your excited mother is.

Tania-Dreams2009 said...

mmm that cookie looks yummy ahah!

Your pics are too cute.

Have a happy happy new year too!

Michelle said...

Yay! Wow...that package arrived fast. Well, considering I was late in getting it out. Oh, you know what I mean. ;)

I'm glad you liked everything! That Zoya polish is my favorite! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy because you really do deserve it!!

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

looks like a lovely holiday!

Bathwater said...

You have a winter coat on, in Texas, please- you are wearing it just so I don't feel so bad about my weather I know right? Right?

So with the New Year pictures be coming out around Valentine's Day? I'll mark my calendar :)

RicAdeMus said...

That's a great fireplace. I'd spend a lot more time on the floor if I had that. =)

Steph said...

@Scoman: The Grinch thingy was rad! I was amazed at what was done with blocks of ice.

And, you know...anything for the old Mum!

@Tania: It was sooo delicious and I dominated the homemade cookies, too. The eating was so fast & furious I didnt have time for pics ;)

@Michelle: Again, thank you I really enjoyed the gifts & they arrived just in time to cheer me up from my lousy winter cold!

Can't wait to get painting!

@Chelsea: Things were good, thanks :D

@Bath: I had my winter coat under that paper thin parka...I swear it was made from construction paper ;) How's your weather?

Honestly, don't know if there will be any pics...I can't find my battery charger :/ But V-day sounds like a fair ETA :P

Steph said...

@Ric: Y'all can come over anytime- Mom is always messing with that dang fireplace. I get very scared when she starts squirting in the lighter fluid. It was especially scary with those hanging stockings...thought we were going to go up in flames!!!

OmegaRadium said...

Wow, sounds like a fun Christmas.
I'm jealous you guys got snow!! :P

MKL said...

Awesome pics.. and you look pretty happy for a Scrooge. Hmmm.. now I wonder. Were you ever a Scrooge to begin with? I thought we were Scrooge siblings, but now I'm not sure anymore ^_~

Aunt Becky said...

That looks like SO MUCH FUN. Seriously, I'm coming over next year. SORRY.

michelle said...

that's so fun! i LOVE the grinch :)

Dorkys Ramos said...

Aww I love the goodies your secret santa sent you! Lucky girl :)

Hope you're having a great start to the new year!

Steph said...

@Omega: You probably get better Mexican food so were even!

@MKL: I've always been a scrooge and I see a strange resemblance between the two of us. We're siblings- don't deny me!!

@AuntBecky: Don't be sorry...just drop by! Did I mention in this post the hotel also had a slide made of ice!?

@Michelle: It really was an amazing experience.The Grinch is awesome!!

@Dorky: I got totally spoiled this year by my santa!

MKL said...

Yes I am your brother from another mother ;)

floreta said...

wow i like your nails!

happy new year :)

Steph said...

@floreta: Thanks, sweetie :D Happy New Year to you, too!!

Angelia said...

I hope you went down the ICE slide! Wasn't the snow awesome??

Steph said...

@Angelia: We were the ONLY people there Christmas morning which was great and yes, I def went down the slide and laughed the whole way ...my friend went twice.

JR Moreau said...

I love the Grinch and cookies!