Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Pawn

I’m still at it; scrolling through a sea of duds in the online dating world. Alas, is there an end in sight? An early exit? Time to call it quits?

Nope, haven’t roped one yet.

On the other hand, Ma snagged one for me; a tire changing fella covered in black, greasy smudge by the name of JJ.

I don’t know what she said to talk me up, but claims this phone number transaction was, “based on me; my looks and charming personality”. -This must be where my spurts egotism comes from.

Not only did the old gal try to hook me up with the tire changer, he was also given a glimpse of me via camera phone picture: This is utterly horrible. Not only can I not get a tire changed in the entire vicinity of H.E.B, I can’t shop at Albertson’s, nor can I enter a gas station, for she tries to match make me with these randoms. Mother, I am not a pawn in your grocery store chicken dinner, ham slicing, cigarette buying, tire changing world.


ScoMan said...

Hahaha With a mother like that, soon you won't be able to show your face anywhere without wondering who she's already tried to set you up with.

But she cares, and that's good. And she might find the right one for you. The more people you have doing leg work on the ground, the wider the net that is being cast.

Veronica Marcetti Dimick said...

It only gets worse. Once you start dating, she might do what my mom did -- threaten to call him and force him to marry me. Good luck, girl!!

RicAdeMus said...

Wow! Does she know how to set up a webpage? You could really be in trouble! LOL She sounds sweet to me. =)

MKL said...

Hahaha.. that's a good one. Maybe he's very skilled in some things. Why don't you give it a try? :P

Steph said...

@Scoman: You've got the right idea. Ma and I need to collaborate to make this dating thing a success. haha

@Veronica: I'm sure you were ready to die of shame. Did she ever go through with the call or was it an idle threat?

@Ric: Thankfully, she has no idea how to create a web page and don't go giving her any ideas- she's also a reader!

My mom is sweet :D

@MKL: Since you put it that way, I may go have my tires "checked" LOL

Anonymous said...

Hey it's me "Ma". First you need to know that you're safe, you can still get your tires changed probabaly at a discount now. I had to offer him something they were closed, wonderful service too!
Second I can set up a blog page and may do so on here.....I already have a name, Life with the GIRL. Got any suggestions?

Steph said...

@Ma: So, should I keep a 2lb burrito in my car at all times so he'll recognize me?

Go ahead, set up your own blog-- I DARE YOU! and I love you, too.

JP said...

That is one amazing looking burrito.