Saturday, December 26, 2009

Curly Toes

Alright, better get back to it.

Gosh, my head is empty.

I received a few more colorful messages during my holiday break. Let’s dissect these bad boys together, shall we? And then, surely my brain will be stimulated enough to think of what else to ramble about.

Dec. 23, 2009 – 7:51pm

hey girl!!!! i have a very cute friend that I am trying to find a cool girl for. he is very outgoing and very fun to be around. he is 34, 6'1" 210 short brown hair and blue eyes. if you might be interested feel free to ask anything that you would want to know and i will do my best to answer it for you!!! i will tell you that my friend is a great guy...probably the best guy i have ever met. he has no problem meeting girls he just keeps meeting girls that want to play games and lie. he isnt like that and wont put up with it. he is very honest and upfront with everyone and wants someone that is the same way. if you want to talk to a great guy that is very cute let me know...i can promise you now you wont be disappointed!!!
Okay, I'm not going to even try to touch this one...Ill let y'all take care of it.

wow, you're on fire !
You're off the hook, hot ! Hi, my name is Momma's sound like you're looking for the same things as me... Just what am I looking for?
At 42, you’re too old anyway and this statement is a question?

…I'm 6'5'', 6'9'' with hair, blonde, blue eyed, muscular, affectionate, and curly toed...I grew up on the beach in Miami...went to college in NY...moved all over the place working my way up the markets...I'm a tv sportscaster...I can send photos...I just can't post them... A 6’5” dude is pretty fucking big, a 6’9” dude is freakishly tall, which is it man? And, just what do you mean by “curly toed”? At 6’9” with curly toes, baby, you’re painting a bad, bad picture.

I'm you, workout nut...when I'm not in the gym, ... I'm on the golf baggage...never been married... will definately make you laugh...! How 'bout lunch ? golf ?? dinner ? starbucks ? Rangers Game...workout together ?? Bah, no.

you're incredibly beautiful, sexy, and intriquing...I would love to learn more about you...... WoW...great pics...are you sure you're not a model on the side... my Mom (works for Barbizon) could get you work ! Really, your mom?Oh Lord, give me a break.

Momma's Boy of Happy Valley Ranch !

Steph of Happy Hurst! (Really, what's happy about it?)


are we total dorks/losers because we are on a dating website on christmas eve?

unfortunately, i think the answer is a big fat YES :-)

merry christmas stephanie.

this is depressing!!! Okie

Speak for yourself, Okie.

Forgive the lack of material, things have been slow around here. I've had to cut the meat and potatoes of any decent post because I managed to lose the battery charger for my digital cam. We've got a photo heavy post just 'round the corner...get your eyes rested and see you soon!

Someone may have had a date... ;)


Anonymous said...

Can't wait.. oh and love how one of the tags is "Creepy Men" ... haha.. I could post one just as creepy if I rummaged through my myspace and facebook inboxes.

MKL said...

Hehe.. great pick again. And I wanna see some lovely pics. Happy holidays, Scrooge ;)

RicAdeMus said...

Good god woman! How great does a guy have to be just to be worthy of meeting for coffee??? ahahaha! My goodness, what a collection of misfits you've got there. Does a guy who calls himself "Momma's Boy" REALLY want to meet a woman? It doesn't seem like it to me.

Oh, that first guy sounds very balanced--one of his personalities is male and the other is female. Perfect! =)

ScoMan said...

Wait.. That green one was all one dude? Here I thought it was three losers when it was in fact one guy.. Just three times the loser.

I take it from the smiley face the date went well, which is great.. For whoever that someone is.

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

eeeny meany miney mooh?! hahahahaaa. strange strange men. curly toed?! what?! hahahaha. lols

Bathwater said...

I hope you are just posting the bag ones and that there are better ones in there? A sports caster who changes height? A man who's friend writes for him and admitted momma's boy geez and yet I am single? wtf?

Veronica Marcetti Dimick said...

That is not "lack of material" at all. You should stay on these sites forever! They are priceless!