Saturday, December 19, 2009

Rambling Update

Barf Boy has gone by the wayside. I’ve been chatting up another interesting character I shall dub Kosh.

See, Barf Boy would only communicate via text, until the night he was in my area visiting a friend of his and decided he was ready to have an impromptu hang out or something with moi. Shea right!

Although I enjoyed our banter by way of text, in my opinion, the situation grew shady. Yes, we’re in the age of technology, but sheesh, call a sista, chat her up and what not. Don’t all of a sudden ring her up a random evening and expect her to head out to meet you, a stranger, and your boy at God knows where. The end.
Ok, ok, onto my latest victim, Kosh. We actually spoke on the phone after sharing some fun emails. Again, I probably divulged a little too much, but I think it’s best I let a person know what they’re getting their self into, right?

"I don’t talk about Jesus or politics. I voted for Obama, but it was for superficial reasons I’m not ashamed to admit. I’ve been known to hit up the local Wal-Mart on a Friday night only to gorge on a dozen cupcakes, alone, in front of a television set. So, that kinda talking I can do."

"I'm kind of a ham at attention whore if you will, minus the drama and actual whore-ishness that comes with being an actual whore."

.....Moving along

I've always heard the saying "on paper" thus decided to see just how Kosh & I look "on paper". Peep this :

I've got to admit we look pretty good together! Problem is, I think this is more of a friend connection than a potential love connection. I can be a tad eccentric, but I think he surpasses me by far. Either way, Kosh seems receptive to a friendship and isn't necessarily looking for the love of his life; for him, a friendship will suffice. See evidence below:

"Idk...I don't date a lot in Dallas (I spend a lot of time in NYC too when I fly in to do some little opening shows and such) but I find I don't have a lot in common with Dallas ladies for whatever reason. And by 'whatever reason' i mean they all seem to be kinda right-wingy Christian-right Obama hating stiff lipped douchebag broads who want their dudes driving Hummers and wearing Tag Huer watches (I still don't know how to properly pronounce that watch name!)"

I look forward to "go dick around sometime and cause some trouble!", as he put it. I imagine he'd be a great dance partner. Y'all know I love to get jiggy wit na na na na ;)


Neil said...

The on paper thing...hilarious!

Steph said...

@Neil: Was never really sure how this "on paper" thing worked. Is it just a saying or do people will put these tid bits of info on paper?

RicAdeMus said...

I wonder what I'm like on paper? I think I'd be just a litle taller and maybe a little more charming. =)

Steph said...

@Ric: Prolly so :D

MKL said...

right-wingy Christian-right Obama hating stiff lipped douchebag broads

I wonder how some people seriously don't like Obama? He's likeable, isn't he? Weird. Love Jesus, but hate Obama = contradictory. I'm sure Jesus loves Obama. Am I right? :)

And the watch name is Tag-Heuer :P

Tell that your friend,

cheers :P

ScoMan said...

I think the two of you should race your station wagons. Only put like 50 people in each of them so they're like clown cars. You probably shouldn't dance while driving though, but maybe like make it some sort of a triathlon. Three events.

First the driving, and then you get jiggy with it and then read a book. Both with massive fros.

I think I've covered almost everything on the list. Except the dating. Although, if you do it in Dallas well neither of you date there so it's covered. Anyway, it sounds like a fun weekend to me!

Whether this turns out to be a friendship or something more, sounds like it's going to be a whole lot o fun.

Stephanie said...

That's cool you met someone fun that could be a friend. Besides, I think it's better to start of slow and friendly at the beginning anyway.

carissajaded said...

hahaha I love the "on paper" thing.

The last few guys I've dated have been "texters... and I found this to be really annoying. I want to have a conversation, using my voice, on the phone, at least every now and then.

This guy seems great, if nothing else than as a friend. I am so sick of Dallas guys... and Denton guys, and Ft Worth guys. Today I made a Lifetime Movie inspired decision to move to Montana to find a boyfriend,... you know, I'll hate the small town life at first, then get swept off my feet by the town hottie...

Steph said...

@Scoman: We're not going to hold our breath on any of these, but those are some good suggestions. Hmmm...he may go for it!

@Stephanie: For sure...I'm all about slow movement.

@Carissa: What is the deal with the freaking texts!? Barf Boy is curretly texting me as I type! Ugh.

I have yet to date a Denton guy, but now I know to expect the same situation as with the Dallas & Fort Worth fellas.

You really did watch a lot of Lifetime movies, didn't you? :P

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, I love your glad I found you! Hope the 'dickin around' is fun, tee hee. Happy SITS Saturday sharefest!

Jamie :)

Steph said...

@aforestfrolic: I'm glad, too! Thanks for visiting :D

Celebpsychic Sanje said...

Love the site and so agree with the whole txting thing--

20-som blogger

OmegaRadium said...

"Dickin around," could that be considered a sexual term when used in the right context?!

One can never have enough friends, and who knows, maybe one of his friends will be an even better "dicking around" partner. :P

Angelia said...

Hey you never know! There could be some chemistry in person. Looks like a good match. ALL OF TEXAS is that description. LOL.
My fiance is a liberal so I know!

Nina said...

I hate when guys just text! esp to "meet up" last minute. grrr.

good luck with the on paper guy! i've fallen for a lot of guys on paper. in flesh they were a bit different. ha.


Steph said...

@Sanje: Thanks...I need some of your psychic advice!

@Omega: LOL...maybe so. Friends are always good though :D

@Angelia: Haha! Is that how your husband talks, too?

@Nina: He's still texting...It is very annoying! I'll let you know how things add up in person!

michelle said...

lol you and kosh would make an awesome duo. perhaps you could fight crime with your killer dance moves

JP said...

Just because we have things in common does mean we'll be hot lovers in the sack. Sometimes it's the exact opposite that's true. Anyways do you really want to base a relationship on mutual ownership of grocery-getters? (He said as he dusted off the minivan).

BTW, with regard to my outfit... to make matters worse, it was college not HS that I wore that. I was in ROTC yet was SO not ROTC-like in every other way. All my friends were druggies (or at least smoked pot and did acid ect) and were all ultra-liberal. So here I was... the ROTC Nazi. So I'd wear all my army paraphernalia in as un-Army ways as possible. I think it worked out fine. Oh who am I kidding I looked like a goofball.

Steph said...

@Michelle: I never have a male dance partner :( See, if I'm sitting/standing a guy will ask me to dance, but when I'm in action they all stay far, far away. I think Kosh can handle me AND we could be a powerful team! I hope this dancing thing materializes.

@JP: Grocery-getters LOL... Ultimately, I guess you one need one in a pair.2 is just too much :D

And hey, lets see a pic!

JP said...

I don't think I have a pic of that AWESOME outfit... Thankfully...

Actually I don't think I have any of me in general from that time period...

As for now... well drop me a line and I'll see what I can dig up.

Bathwater said...

I say starting with a friend is ok. They could have friend and so on, and so on. And a few differences doesn't hurt when looking for a partner... station wagons? really?

Steph said...

@JP: It's okay, the visual you created for me is good enough. Somethings are better left in the past ;)

@Bathwater: Friends are awesome. I'd say you can never have enough, but that's not really true.

Man, I get so much shit for my car LOL... Yes, I totally gave up a Cabrio for a Jetta Wagon- why you ask...thought I needed more space :P