Friday, December 4, 2009

Laugh, Cry, or Run?

After work, I slipped into Nordstrom to try on UGGs, or Yeti shoes. My knock offs are ugly, but such the bomb, it was a necessary.

I tried the classic tall and then the argyle to be on the safe side since I have sticks for legs and the argyle provides a bit of elastic at the top.

Now, before you stop reading…cool your jets- this isn’t a girly shopping story!

I had one style of shoe on the right and another style on the left, pants folded up for a full view. I was torn and told the sales associate so. Sales associate decides to ask another customer she’s helping for her opinion on my boot situation.

“I don’t like either one of ‘em…The don’t do nothing for you. You need some support. I can tell your feet are crooked. You’re flat footed, aren’t you?”


“You got flat feet, you walk on the insides of your feet, too, don’t you? You need to get in some corrective shoes like your momma used to put you in. Mine used to make me wear them, but I wanted to wear shoes like the other kids and quit wearing them. Ibet that’s what you did, too. Now, I can’t hardly get out of the house some days. You need to get your feet fixed while you’re young. I’m too old.”

I was so stunned at how this old lady called me out, I couldn’t even open my mouth to respond. Not only did I get called out by some random in Nordstrom, she insisted I should be wearing corrective shoes AND it’s a Friday evening, meaning the store was packed!

Total humiliation. I must’ve turned ten shades of red and put the mightiest of pit stains in my sweater.


ScoMan said...

Quite a bad business policy.. to insult the customers. Last time you'll go there I think.

I thought the tag said "Insults into my life" but it didn't. That would have been funny though.

Arnetta Green said...

Old people *sigh* Ya gotta love'em! Concerning "Laugh, Cry or Run?" I say, none of the above. You should have just given her the brick face. That's my answer to all things awkward. And the beauty is if you do it long enough, it makes everyone uncomfortable . . . that is unless she's one of those old ladies that says something crazy and then just walks off. Then you are left standing all by yourself with the brick face on and that's not cool, either. Anyway, the bright side is that you are not wearing corrective shoes! :-)

MKL said...

I hate it when strangers tell me what I should or shouldn't do. Why do you care, I think... sheesh... some people >_<

Steph said...

@Scott: Maybe I'll change the tag :P

@Arnetta: I need to work on my faces. I have no idea what I was doing other than sweating like a maniac.

Steph said...

@MKL: She def. took things a bit far! Maybe she thought she was helping...

krystal said...

soo.....did you get any? haha...i really like the argyle ones. mle and i just had this conversation because he says i'd walk on flat boards with nails in them if it were stylish...all because i tried to get him to buy a cool pair of shoes that he said weren't soft enough. i swear sometimes he's really a 60 yr old in a 28 yr olds body.

Steph said...

@Krystal: After I dashed out of Nordstrom, I went to Dillards and bought the black argyle!

Who wouldn't walk on flat boards with nails if they were stylish :)
Tell him to get it together LOL

RicAdeMus said...

She did think she was helping! Were you supposed to wear corrective shoes when you were a kid???

Steph said...

@Ric: No, never :D