Monday, November 30, 2009

Days of The Week

I don't know how it all started, but somehow, back when I was living at home, I randomly came up with names of the week with a fun theme:

Ménage Monday
Tickly Tongue Tuesday
Whack-It Wednesday
Thorough Thrusting Thursday
Fuck Me Friday
Sex ‘Em Up Saturday

Where is Sunday, you ask? Well, I'm not a total jerk! Sunday is a holy day of rest and reflection.

At first, I used these terms to disgust family members and then this whole themed day turned into family joke. See, typically these themed days are said in casual situations with The Fam such as, "I've got to get to get plenty of rest because you know tomorrow is Whack-It Wednesday" or "I'll probably be home late tonight considering it's Fuck Me Friday".
In all seriousness, it may seem kind of out there to say such things to your younger brothers or parents for that matter, but it does bring something to light. Something I'm thankful for. Is this a Thanksgiving post you ask...Oh Yeah!
(I hate this word-blessed, but I'm about to use it anyway) I complain a lot or at least I'm accused of complaining, but deep down, I know I'm a very blessed lady. I have the majority of the things I want, have been successful in many ventures, I think I'm perfectly level headed in many a way and have a family that love, love, loves me. Not only do they love me, but (and this is the part I'm thankful for) we can be and are open with one another. It's such a (here we go again) blessing to be able to discuss all subjects with your parents and family members. Honestly though, we're all human and do human things so what's the big deal!?
I'm thankful knowing if I were to get completely shit faced drunk and reek of a garlic meatloaf sandwich I made thinking it was a good idea, I could pick up the phone and call my mom to come get me. I can also share thoughts and feelings and not worry about the reactions received. I'm sure there have been times or instances where The Fam didn't want to hear or know what I had to say or what I did and fought off the urge to vomit, but it's good I've got them around to listen and be accepting of me.
So there ya go!


Lille Diane said...

You are indeed blessed. I may have to use sharpie pen on a few family members calendars & correct the day titles. LOL You are refreshing, and delightful, Steph~ Totally~

ScoMan said...

Sharing and acceptance? No, that's not healthy. That's not the way we do things in my family.

We sweep them under the rug. We look the other way. We ignore anything we want no part of. THAT'S healthy.

Also, this reminds me of one of my favorite Friends scenes, when Joey describes how Thursday is the Third day of the week.

Monday One day
Tuesday Two day
Wednesday When? What day?
Thursday Third day

Bathwater said...

I got to say, I like your days of the week better then mine!

MKL said...

I think it's human nature to complain, but that's part of daily life, small things upset us. When we look at the big picture, we usually give a different assessment.

I like how you name the days of the week, very creative. Ehm, is there a free spot on Monday? :P

Steph said...

@MKL: Word on the street is I complain a lot. I don't see what I'm doing as's more like stating the obvious.

In regards to the upcoming Monday well it's all booked up, but you can tailor the names of the days to fit your needs :o)

@Lille: Do it! Mark up the calendar. I'm sure someone will die laughing when they see whats been done. LOL

@Scott: It seems like a lot of people I know don't talk with their family. It probably is the better option- then everyone isn't all up in your biz-nass.

BTW, I never watched much Friends, but sounds funny nonetheless! Third day!!

@Bathwater: Thanks for stopping by! As I told MKL, these days are subject to change as well as borrow. Have fun! :)

MmmFood said...

Hi! I just started reading. Love the blog!

JR Moreau said...

Loved this post! Here's to being horny, semi-fulfilled and unconditionally loved!