Thursday, November 26, 2009


I’m not a holiday person and you know this if you were following me over at the old spot. Holidays freak me out and I always imagine DOOM! Today’s turkey juice flame up in the oven didn’t ease my holiday phobia; there was a small fire with a large shrieking scream. But seriously, today is the day I ought to get it together, right? I’m supposed to be thankful after all. I am, I am!

I’m thankful for (brace yourself here comes a list):
A station wagon- Although grandmotherly, I can easily transport goods. Plus, I’m moving today and thanks to my wagon, I was able to put many a box in my car.
Showerless days- Lets get something straight, I’m no scum bag; I shower every night before bed and have a shower obsession that puts me under the shower head more than once a day, but sometimes things get a little lax when I know I’m spending the day with the fam- they don’t care how I look. Pumpkin pie ice cream- Oh, it’s the stuff! I haven’t seen this ice cream until this year and it only goes to reassure me that someday I will be a very large lady. My new sister & brother- The old brothers are okay, but I’m pretty thrilled to have met the new ones. My legs & feet- I lack rhythm, but how in the dickens would I dance without legs and feet? That’s all I can think of for now…off the top of my head. Since I’m on the topic of Thanksgiving, this week the kids only had two days of school and I was there for the whole overwhelming bit of the mayhem involved in a holiday. Without kids in the family, it’s easy to forget what a big deal it is to have a holiday.

Tuesday morning, I walked into the bilingual classroom to return borrowed bulletin board boarder and saw the children in paper bag Indian vests and pilgrim hats. See, the kids we just an hour away from putting on the performance of a lifetime-At least it was for me.

Since English isn’t these kids’ native language, you can imagine the accents and difficulties they face in learning a new language. The teacher had them put together a small book in English about how the pilgrims came to America and met the Indians. The kids were split up, half Indian and other half pilgrim. They acted out parts of the story, such as rowing a boat to cross the Atlantic, shooting turkeys, planting corn, being cold and so on. It was adorable and then some! I was smiling from ear to ear and if you can imagine, my smile became much more intense when I heard them say, “…the pill-uh-grams and Indians”.
**please forgive my lame post, I'm on holiday & moving!


ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Gosh, we really need to go out dancing some time. We would be a hit. If you think you've got no rhythm well, I wont even be able to strike that pose without loosing my balance. lols. Happy thanksgiving sweetie.

ScoMan said...

I like the new banner. it is new, right?

Anyway, I think I need a DVD of the kids performance so I can learn what Thanksgiving is about.

Steph said...

@Scott: Yes, it's new & I have my mom to thank! Think of my facebook photo...she brought this to my attention and I love it, plus it's better than putting my mug all over the place :)

I wish I could get vid of the kids, but there are rules about that stuff.

@Mel: Hey, I stumble around quite a bit. What's really bad is when there's a dance everyone knows and does together & you're the only jackass moving in the wrong direction LOL