Thursday, November 26, 2009


I realized recently, but just recently really realized what a complete and total ass I've been making of myself. I am EMBARRASSED and then some. I wish I could go into hiding, but it's not really necessary because, well, the one I want to hide from wouldn't know any different.

I feel so stupid, I'm off to drown myself in pumpkin pie filling.

I feel like the Thanksgiving asshole.... if there is such a thing (this really has nothing to do with Thanksgiving, I'm just blabbering)

I feel so, so stupid.


ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Hey sweetness. what's up? I'm on twitter if you wanna talk. Is this a good kind of embarrassed where we can laugh about it? Or is it something really serious? I'm just around if ya need to talk ok?
Wish I could drown in pumpkin pie filling with ya, I miss those! We don't have that here. grrrr

ScoMan said...

I'm intrigued. But I doubt we'll ever get the story out of you.

MKL said...

Happens to me many times, too. Don't be too hard on yourself. Best is to forget it quickly and move on. The more you think abut it, the worse it'll get ;)

Steph said...

@Scott: Maybe one of these days, but for now youre right! lol

@MKL: Trying my best to block everything out :D thanks

@Mel: It's not a good or bad embarrassment. I sent you a Twitter msg. BTW, I didn't eat as much pie as I anticipated since I was already so full to begin with.