Saturday, November 21, 2009

down on the farm!

Sack lunches in hand, we boarded the school bus for a trip to the farm. Gosh, I don't miss the smell of a school bus, but it's fortunate we got the bus that smelled of booty instead of exhaust, we could've all died from inhalation or something (?)- I'm no doctor, who knows.

The farm was great! After we ate our lunches, we met up for an introduction which was followed by a hayride.The hayride was our mode of transportation throughout the farm. It was so lovely watching the excitement on the children's' faces. It's funny how you feel like your heart has expanded beyond the perimeters of your chest and you experience the joy of being Momma, although the kids are virtually strangers. I'm getting soft.

Our first stop was a three story tree house with slides and swings, a tiny village, a labrynth and some other stuff I don't know the names of. I did take a slide and screamed the whole way down!

When we were done playing, we hopped back onto the hayride for a tour of the farm and a stop at the Candy Cane Tree, where we all got a candy cane. Oh, and we also got to see the types of Christmas trees they grow for sale, jump in hay, roast marshmellows (a lot of the kids hadn't done this before) and pet goats and a donkey.

Check out this goats eyes!

All in all, we had a really great time and I recommend this farm if you're in the DFW area, even if you don't have children! FUN TIMEs :o)


ScoMan said...

Looks like a lot of fun.

A great way for the kids to learn about the farming life (outside of Farmville) and the playground looks fun too.

Jo said...

dude! that maze looks awesome!