Sunday, November 29, 2009

I'm In

Deciding to move during Thanksgiving break wasn’t the smartest of smart ideas. Not only was a holiday taking place and I, of course, should’ve been relaxing, I also should’ve been working on multiple papers I must write and submit before December 2. Ugh!

I managed to do mostly everything on my own, until I got to the bigger pieces of furniture, which were moved today. I’ll be damned if buckets of rain didn’t pour down only when my dresser, couch and armoire were being moved. I’ve now decided to junk the couch I once so loved. Surprisingly, I took the weather-y mishap in stride. I must be changing.

Thanksgiving was filling; I spent the morning moving, the remainder of the day at my mom’s and the evening at my aunt’s, where it wasn’t possible to for me to sample any of her dishes thanks to the gluttony at Mom’s.

Friday, I was back to work. assholes. There was absolutely nothing going on in the office and thankfully, I was working a half day. Then, I spent the afternoon maniacally moving, really, really hurting my back in the process. That night, itching to hit the town, I instead took a pill for the pain and passed out on the living room floor watching an uber 90’s movie.

Saturday, I was sort of working on moving, but more so focusing on the crunknificent night I had planned with the girls; a night of boozing it up and dancing to one of our favorite cover bands. Cover band? Yes, you read correctly.

Sunday, well I’ve already told you all about Sunday because Sunday is today. I’m tired to the max and can’t wait to fall asleep knowing I’m going to wake up to find a lunch packed and ready for me to take to work Monday morning. I guess being at home with the folks has its perks although I believe my social calendar will eventually diminish and my already nonexistent love life will take even more of a plunge.

We’ll see what happens next…


ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Sounds like Thanksgiving was a busy one for you. We don't celebrate Thanksgiving on my side of the world. I miss Thanksgiving get togethers, stuffed turkey, and pumpkin pie. Going to go out dancing tonight? please take a video of it please...I'm dying to see your dance moves. hehehehe

ScoMan said...

So you should have been busy on Thanksgiving. The rest of the world had to work, so you should have had to do something too.

At least the move is behind you though, so you don't have it looming over your head. And you won't have to do anything on Christmas.

Arnetta Green said...

I'm curious . . . what was the uber 90's movie?

Steph said...

@Mel: Sorry you missed out on the festivities :(

I'm going to try to get a video one of these nights! It's so hard to remember once the beat electrifies my toes LOL

@Scott: Hey, I was busy, busy. Alls fair!

@Arnetta: 9 Months with Hugh Grant. He has the typical hair cut and glasses and the kid he sees in therapy has on the once usual plaid jacket. Little subtle things here and there screaming 1990's!