Friday, November 6, 2009

Cleveland Meeting-Oct 30 thru Nov. 3

I had heard this whole story of how I came to be, but had a hard time believing what I was told with so little evidence to support the story, but all was solidified when I located and then stood over my daddy’s grave.

This past weekend, I jetted north. For the first time in twenty eight years, I laid eyes on those I regarded as my phantom, older brother and sister. Never would I have imagined meeting them; I figured they were too far from reach, too caught up in their own lives and not the least bit concerned about me, that is, if they even knew I existed.

It’s a strange story, I know, still somewhat surreal to me. Here’s the back story:

I guess you could say my dad and I missed each other; he died March 10, 1981 and I was born April 5, 1981. My mom and he weren’t from the same city. I don’t believe he had any ties to the area from which I came. Apparently, he had a wife, a girlfriend and kids hours away and so, with his passing, my mother and I were left out of the loop, until now.

A shroud of unexpected serenity has come into my life just when things were beginning to get topsy-turvy. I’ve always wondered who I am, where I came from and which characteristics aren’t from my maternal side. Although I mostly repressed these thoughts, when I couldn’t shut them out, they were a hard pill to swallow.
It was amazing meeting them, spending time together and getting a glimpse into their lives. I can only hope they make it to Texas to see me in my environmentThe sibsNephewNephewNiece w/ boyfriendNiece


ScoMan said...

So the siblings came as a package deal with nieces and nephews too? That's awesome.

Sounds like it was a worthwhile trip and I'm glad you've all become a part of each others lives.

Steph said...

@Scoman: The kids made me cry... a lot. It was hard (but good) seeing them, especially the little boys.

Latia said...

Glad you got to see your family, and get to bond.

Her mommy said...

Holy shizzle! I'm so happy for you! Were they able to share some things about your dad?

Steph said...

@Latia: Thank you :D

@Momma: We talked for about a month, so yeah, I got to hear a lot! Got tons of pics, too.