Thursday, March 25, 2010

What, What?

Let me get you up to speed…A whole lot has happened and not happened in the last six days:

  • Went on dates with 2 new guys (Date Guy number one, let’s call him DLC, as in doesn’t like candy. WTF, right? And, I’ll call the Date Guy number 2 Urban Cowboy, not to be confused with my previously mentioned favorite mistake, P.C)
  • Experienced a freak snow storm after a 75 degree day
  • Spring Break ended
  • Went back to work
  • Haven’t consistently slept in my bed

I realize this is a lot for one post, no worries; I’ll keep you abreast of only critical points.

Friday, was an awesomely warm spring day of about 75 degrees, and there was a date lined up with DLC. We met, I ate, and we both had 1 Coke and 1 alcohol drink. Two lame asses in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G.

Somehow I ended up going to his house Saturday morning to watch movies.
*I always say never agree to “watch a movie” because ultimately it means he wants to see your vagina* He seemed to be on the up and up, so like I said, I went and F.Y.I., there was no vagina watching.

Saturday evening, I met U.C. at Starbucks for coffee. This is when the freak snow storm began. Good God, he’s gorgeous and kind! I’ve decided to keep him in my queue. Is that bad?

Okay, here’s where things get weird.

Sunday, I went back to DLC’s house and spent the night and, no there wasn’t any “movie watching” going on you perverts. I’ve become a serial dater, not hooker. I spent Tuesday and Wednesday night at his house, as well.

Summing up the situation, Facebook Msging with a friend not really named Roger:
theres a weird sort of connection
its terrifying
and quick
and seems so natural and unnatural at the same time
i cant work it out in my mind

19:53 Roger
step back and get a little clinical, k

I wholly agree with the friend. Things are excellent, but incredibly too fast. I definitely don't want to jump into anything even though I sort of have by spending so much time with DLC. He's cute, nerdy, tells horribly long jokes and so, so nice. I feel like myself around him.

Things are so much easier when the men are jerks!

Enough. Take a mental vacation and enjoy this video because I haven't any good pics to offer. I'm posting this vid not only because I thoroughly enjoy this song, which is stuck on repeat in my head, but for a bloggy friend :) -okay!


carissa said...

Girl you did have a busy week!! I wanna hear some deets soon on messenger!! I think I'm going to Oklahoma this weekend to see a boy. meh. I have a story for you too!! Awesome vid, as always!

Steph said...

@Carissa: Not a boy, but The Boy? Will def. give the deets & vice versa...Have fun if you go :D

Smart Ass Sara said...

Girl- the fact that you even have vag and peen connection possibilities and I don't, and I'm married- is annoying. ;)

Steph said...

@Sara: Sorry :/

Angelia Sims said...

At first I was like why is this video for me? Then it hit me. Ha Ha Ha!
Ohman you crack me up! I am so glad I'm not single anymore. I bring the guy out! Way out. Lol!

Alissa said...

Ha, loved the video, and did I read that correctly, doesn't like candy? Not any sort of candy? That does seem a little bit suspicious, but otherwise sounds nice and normal. Good luck!

S.I.F. said...

Seriously? Time to fall in love! Get er done!

ScoMan said...

The gamer in me sees "DLC" and just keeps reading "Downloadable Content"

You need to give him a new name.. like NCM (No Candy Man).. Yes, that would be acceptable.

Anyway, as long as you're having fun don't get too stressed about it all. Just keep riding the wave and so forth.

Katherine said...

Hopefully this not liking candy thing is just something he's spit out to sound sophisticated and he's not serious! How can there be a future with him without candy!!

MKL said...

Seems like you're less contemplative this time, which means you're having fun! Keep it up, don't think to much, watching movie or vagina, who cares, as long as it's fun and you enjoy it :P

Nina said...

ooooooh multiple sleepovers! The Boy first kissed me on a "movie night". : )

and my friends and I are always singing what what in the butt!!!! ahahahah

Steph said...

@Alissa: Has the song stuck in your head? ;)

Yeah, you read candy, not a fan. I don't get it either.

@SIF: Uh, what about the "queue" LOL

@Scoman: I think it's too late to change his name. It's like having a baby, naming him Peter, telling all your friends and fam and then deciding to then call him Nicolas :P

@Katherine: Yes, the future does seem shaky...I not only want to share my life but my horrible eating habits.

@MKL: Fun, fun, fun! Yes :)

@Nina: Now, I have to go see if you came out and I'm really hoping there are pics!

ScoMan said...

Okay, but beware if you mention him again I will be thinking "Downloadable Content".. and I would think having people think your date is downloadable is not a good thing =p

Arnetta Green said...

I'm liking this guy so far. Not liking candy isn't too bad. If he's super picky about everyday foods (fruits, vegetables, pizza) I think that would be bothersome. Also, that was the tangiest video I've ever seen in my life.