Sunday, March 28, 2010

Part II

A continuation of yesterday's post. You know, the one about my giant granny panty show and breast revelation. I don't know if I'll ever be able to laugh that catastrophe off. Ugh...

Before things went sour Friday night I was naturally in good spirits. Spirits which elevated when I saw my favorite club go-er!

There's a guy, whose name I don't know, and he's a very serious, dedication patron and dancer at a Ft. Worth establishment. No, he isn't an employee, just loyal I guess.

Anyway, I've mentioned him before, but on other blog, the old one. Crap! I'd link the post if I could...I keep Breathing Up The Oxygen private :/ If you've been following and made the transition over here to NTO, then you may remember the night I was followed by a weird-o with a paper rose and approached by an older gentleman?

So, this guy whose name I don't know has clearly choreographed moves and I caught some on vid this time around. Yes, he's still going strong months later!

I'm really hating the way this post is going, but enjoy!

The Reg from Vimeo.


Soph! said...

lol @ that guy and omg, you look so lovely in that dress! is that one from UO?

Steph said...

@Soph!: No, that dress is from Target...those are old pics. The UO dress is in the post before.

Arnetta Green said...

If that's the "Paper Rose Guy" he is KILLING that Michael Jackson song! He may be crazy, but his moves are pretty serious, lol. And you are wearing the heck out of that dress miss lady!

ScoMan said...

Isn't it great when there's those people that you see everywhere that you don't know? And then you come up with cool nicknames for them.

Or "That guy from that time that.." and you and you friends get excited every time you see them.

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Lols. hahahaha.Oh and I love your dress. You look great Steph. =)

Steph said...

@Arnetta: The paper rose guy never made it into a photo because he was just that creepy. I didn't want to encourage his psycho killer behavior!

@Scoman: What's great is he now has a girlfriend that dances in sync with him!

@Mel: Thanks dear :)