Thursday, January 14, 2010

Still Around

My dearest friends, I’m sorry to have neglected you. You’ll forgive me, won’t you? These past few weeks have been some of the happiest, yet completely trying. If we’re friends on Facebook you may have seen this morning’s status update:
slept for 12+ odd for me

For real, yesterday, I came home, made some Jiffy Pop and then went to bed all before 6pm.

I love being at the school everyday, however being there is actual work, which I haven’t done in years thanks to my former cushy position in the garage door biz. I can tell the kids are beginning to come around, warm up to me- they ask a barrage of questions and share unnecessary information. It’s sweet!

“What kind of car do you drive?” as I return from lunch.
Pointig to the word ‘handyman’ in a book, “This looks like your last name Ms. So&So.”
“Do you live with your mom?”
“Do you really have a dog or did you make that up?”
“Are you going to work here next year?”
“Do you live in a dorm or at home?”
“Are you his mom?”
“Where do you go to school?”
“What’s your first name?”
“Is that your real hair?”

To be fair, I ask them a lot of questions as well. I’m just as nosey.

So, thing have been great at work, but the online love life is another story!


Bathwater said...

Well don't work so hard at the online love life and have fun with school maybe the other will take care of itself!

That Gal Kiki said...

Yeayyy! I am new to your blog and happy to see this post! :)

Cecilia said...

That's so cute!!! How exciting :)
I hope you get to rest a lot this 3-day weekend :)

Steph said...

@Bathwater: What you commented was exactly thought today, but mostly because the in person and online thing is not panning out :P Fortunately I like myself enough that I can tolerate being alone.

@Kiki: Welcome, welcome!

@Cecilia: Although it's a short work week I'm going to be in charge of math and science next week :/ I'm really excited, but have a tendency to over plan & analyze causing me to not get too much rest.

Kerri said...

I saw that status, and I was so jealous! I can't remember the last time I had a super long sleep!
And that's so cute about the the "handyman" quote!

Steph said...

@Kerri: The handyman thing did make me smile a bit :D

By the way, I'm WIDE AWAKE today!

ScoMan said...

They say you only need three things for complete happiness. A great work life, a great love life and a great home life.

One down...

MKL said...

Happy for you! :) I always think that the less one is online, the happier he/she is :)

Cecilia said...

Oh man! Math and science! You're one up on me, that's for sure :)

There's definitely a learning curve when it comes to creating lesson plans - something I've had to do with my middle schoolers. But remember that if you look like you're enjoying the lesson, the little ones (I still call them little even in the 4th grade...5th grade is a whole new animal) will have a enjoy your lesson as well!

Good luck! Take at least 2 (or 5) hours every day to do something for you this weekend!

RicAdeMus said...

I'm like you...I like myself enough that I can be alone. It's having people around that is the problem!!! =)

Steph said...

@Scoman: That's the spirit! Slowly working on the other 2...

@MKL: Oooh thanks! :) I've missed the internet though. Hmm

@Cecilia: It's just place value so it's no major deal and thankfully the science has a video otherwise I'd be in trouble :P

I'll try to take your advice! Thanks :)

@Ricademus: Yeah, that's usually the way it goes...everything is fine and then you throw another person in the mix LOL

michelle said...

hahah i would so fit in with these kids. i love asking people random questions :)

Steph said...

@Michelle: The questioning is kinda fun ;)