Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Date! (finally a decent one)

G’day friends! I say, “G’day” in the “Hello” sense, not the “Australian, Scoman G’day, as in see you later sorta way”. Uh, shout out to my friend Scotty….Hey Scott!

Moving on…

I know the online dating antics brought a lot of you over and then the antics fell off because frankly the whole thing grew old and annoying. It’s not like I was trying to deprive y’all. Dang! Well, let’s get back to the dating stuff for a minute because your ol’ pal, Steph had a dizz-ate last night- woot, woot.

See, it went down kind of by accident; I had all, but given up on dating and was browsing profiles for kicks. Y’all know some of them are funny. I randomly messaged a decent looking fella with a legitimate question regarding his profile and a little messaging ensued. Actually, I was caught off guard when he sent his number my way, but yep, that’s how this date came about.

We met at Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar in Addison that’s Dallas area for you non-DF Dub-ers, parked, paid and then went to a greasy burger joint below the bar. Yum, but I had to cut the burger short because of the greasiness; thought that patty would make me poop and uh, that’s a no.

During the burger eating, French fry sharing fest he asked if I drink, to which I replied yes, thinking the question came a little late since he invited me to a bar and all. I did what any other gal would do and returned the question…Oh, no wonder he asked, he’s allergic to alcohol. And, hay and silk are allergens as well.

“So you can never have silk sheets?” *giggle, giggle* yeah that’s me thinking I’m funny.

*giggle, giggle* “Hey, you can’t ever go on a hay ride, can you?” later, still cracking myself up.

Well, it was established he can indeed have a few drinks, but must watch himself and if all else fails and he gets carried away, there’s an EpiPen in his car. I told him to hand over his keys, just in case. Nope.

We made our way back upstairs to conscientiously have drinks and enjoy piano dueling. All was good and nice, but after a long day at the elementary and nonstop clapping at an awards ceremony for the upper grades, I was flat pooped, unable to fully get into the true spirit of the bar. I didn’t share this sentiment for fear of being labeled a dud; however, he suggested going somewhere a little less rambunctious.

We bundled into our coats, freeing our chairs for a fresh faced couple eagerly awaiting a seat and hit the pavement. We decided what we’d do and I told him I’d only do it under the condition he didn’t try any weird shit and no, I wouldn’t leave my car with the valet and ride in his car.

Sidenote: “Don’t go to a man’s house to watch a movie. He’s only using the movie as a guise to get his penis in you” is a statement I jokingly, yet seriously maintain. I’ve also been know to tell my friends to uphold my mottos, “Never trust a guy in all white sneakers”, “Take what you can get” and “Uh, you’re not getting any younger”. Those last two usually go in tandem, but there are exceptions to every rule, especially those last two.

He seemed harmless enough, so I ventured to his house.
Really, a mild mannered, gentleman-ly guy.

We arrive at his house to watch a comedy, All About Steve, and then onto some big head, Steven Segal movie. During the movie watching, we talked and he shared his "story" and of course I divulged nothing because that’s just maladjusted me.

During this chat, I find he’s divorced, which I think I knew ahead of time, but forgot and then was reminded. He’s been without the wife for 3 months. I’m the first date since a Christmas date with a supposed semi-whack job. Yikes.

As the hours passed, I asked if it would be ok if I were to sleep on the couch because I was far too tired to figure my way back home. I slept over on his L shaped couch. Me on one section and he on the other, both of us fully clothed. There was no kissing, hand holding, no touching what so ever. I was completely relieved he didn’t “try any weird shit” as I had warned earlier.

At 6AM, my alarm sounded like usual. Too tired to fully wake, I laid there with my eyes closed.

“Is it alright if I lay beside you?”


We lay there on the couch, with him holding me and my arm entwined in his.

Yeah, eventually we locked lips a bit after we brushed out teeth, which was swiftly interrupted when I heard the voice on the TV say, "I got kicked out of Boy Scouts for eating Brownies". Really, how could I not laugh? Stupid Segal movies.

I scrammed out of there and went home. He let me follow him out of his neighborhood and then onto the highway, where we parted ways.

The End.

I tried really hard not to do anything socially awkward and/or inappropriate. I mostly passed with flying colors ;)

I'd probably hang out with him again. He's okay. We will see. Keep ya posted!


Arnetta Green said...

Aww, your date story made me giggle :-) Very sweet! I'm glad he wasn't psycho, though. (Wagging finger) Be more careful next time missy!

Meg said...

aww thats so cute! what a great story. And i love that he had enough manners to ask you if he could lay beside you. so sweet! i hope you do go out with him again!! and dont forget to post about it!

oh and the 30 day shred is a jillian michaels work out dvd. its fantastic. kicks your ass but so worth it. im on day 5 and i already feel 10 times better about myself! highly reccommend it!

Bathwater said...

interesting you spent the night on a couch next to a person you just met on a dating site.

I don't think i would expect to many girls to do that.

Amanda West said...

Aw. The end of your date-night sounded sweet.

Like you said, at least he didn't try anything.

Keep us posted!

I Really Suck At This said...

Woohoo! So glad it was a good date. Sounds like at worst you have a new friend.

RicAdeMus said...

That sounds promising...a pretty much innocent first date sleep-over. He does sound like a gentleman.

ScoMan said...

Howdy Steph,

That's awesome you had a date work out. Sounds like he's a pretty cool guy too.

Sometimes those accidents you find yourself falling ass backwards into work out for the best.

S.I.F. said...

I love that you spent the night at the guys house and didn't even get naked! That takes skills lady!

That, or I'm just a whore... Damn.

krystal said...

aww, that is a cute date!!!

MKL said...

Hey sis, that was a pretty cool date :) I'm a big fan of Seagal moviers, especially those from 1988-1994, after that his movies are crap.

Anyway, glad you had a decent date finally. He must currently be one of the luckiest guys I know, you're a great catch. Hope he doesn't screw up ;)

Smart Ass Sara said...

It sounds like it has potential. At least you didn't wake up to him drooling on you. Because that would be bad. ;) Actually my first date with my hubs was at his house. Because we were both broke. And we watched Pearl Harbor (lame and long) and he kept trying to get me to drink. So finally I said, "If you think you are going to get me drunk and then in my pants- you may as well give up. I don't drink and I'm not in the mood". Him and all of his friends just stared at me. I won, obviously.

Steph said...

@Arnetta: Glad you got a giggle :)I will be more careful!

@Meg: Yeah, I was totally shocked with his polite behavior. I was so glad he didn't pounce on me.

I guess I could quit being so lazy and google to see exactly what the shred is :D

@Bathwater: Actually, it seems most ppl are very sexual charged on these sites, so it may not be as surprising as you'd think.

@Amanda: Will do!

@I Really Suck at This: My thoughts exactly. He's nice.

@Ricademus: I thoroughly enjoyed the innocence. Nice change of pace.

@Scoman: True, my friend.

@SIF: No, it takes skill ;)

@MKL: We watched The Keeper. It's terrible, you have to see it!

Thank you, sweetie :D

@Smart Ass Sara: That's an awesome story to tell!

The house really is the most comfortable place because you can forego alot of awkwardness that way, but at the same time you may in the home of a psycho. It's a tough call :/

Bathwater said...

I know people do it all the time but I just think when it comes to dating sites and don't ask me why I have the double standard, a little more safety is never a bad thing.

Soph! said...

cute! glad you had a good time.

OmegaRadium said...

Wow, I like! It's good to see how much some girls value politeness in men. I'm totally the tyle who would ask, just like him.

My favorite line in this post?"I got kicked outta Boyscouts for eating Brownies." I loled during lecture and got funny stares.

Steph said...

@Omega Radium: I can honestly say I haven't always appreciated the polite stuff, but I've gotten to the point where I can't handle another bit of balogna from another jerk face. Guess it comes with maturity, knowing what you want and some other stuff.

Keep up the nice stuff & happy I could make you LOL.