Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Dear, dear, dear I’m exhausted and it’s only Tuesday! I feel neglectful in not only my reading, but my writing. Here goes:

As you may or may not know, against the many wishes of others I quit my day job, bar it wasn’t for a lounge singing gig, so I may still be okay on this one; I’ve started an internship at the school I’ve been working at since August.

Oh, these kids…

I full heartedly work my hardest to not be judgmental of parents, but some of the things I observe cause night terrors! Okay, that statement became a tad extreme and a slight dramatic. Seriously though, I’m constantly making a mental “Parental Do/Don’t Do List”. Even with this mental list, realistically, I know I’ll fudge up along the way. Shit, I don’t really do lists. I’m more of a “let’s wing it!” sort of person.

Before I go off track, let me make my point quickly before you lose interest, but let me preface this point by saying this first going off topic again…. I’ve returned to the grade 4’s here comes the sappy stuff and I truly think they’re beautiful, fun little people with tons of potential, granted it’s properly fostered. I genuinely want them all to grow into happy, positive minded, productive contributors to society.

It breaks my heart to think and know this guy in the picture was someone’s baby, just like these kids I’m with. Being the sensitive goon I am, this thought makes me cry just thinking about it. Hell, I’m teary now and thanking God, I didn’t go into social work.

Sheesh, why can’t I stay on track? It’s because I don’t blame the kids for what I’m about to say, I blame the parents, but then again try to give Ol’ Mom and Dad the benefit of the doubt. Forgive me, I can’t stay with the point it because I don’t want to be misinterpreted that’s it!

For Pete’s sake, here here's the deal!

It freaks me the flip out to see 4th grade girls in make-up. I’m yucked out beyond belief seeing hot pink zebra striped acrylic nails attached to a little girl. Skinny jeans and 1.5 inch high boots are, in my opinion, not for little girls. Waxed eyebrows are also a no in my book. Temporary tattoos placed behind the ear, another no.



carissajaded said...

Seriously! I don't understand it. I worked at a camp ( a nice rich kids camp) a couple years ago and I couldn't get over the way the kids talked, what they talked about, or the clothes that they wore. I understand some of the benefits of kids having cell phones, but in the freaking 3rd grade? I could go one forever about this, but I'll stop now. GOod for you for putting up with it every day and not going medieval on those parents!

Arnetta Green said...

Just . . . wow, on the 4th graders with high heels, zebra striped nails and tats. What a mess! Totally the parent's fault. And I think the same exact thing when I see a homeless person. That was once somebody's baby.

ScoMan said...

Wow.. fourth graders dressing like that? I've heard people say we don't let kids be kids any more and I guess it's true. Younger and younger we dress them and treat them like adults.

They should be out covered in dirt and mud and not covered in make up.

Cecilia said...

Firstly, how cool is it that you're interning with 4th graders! Are you studying to be a teacher?

Secondly, I'm about to get all social worky on you :)

I work in a K-8th grade school, but mainly with middle school kids (never in my life did I see that happening!). I don't know if it's anyone's fault or if it's EVERYONE's fault, you know? Media (look at freakin' Hannah Montana! yeech..), not having enough support systems around the parents (they might be our age! shoot, I'd be a horrible parent right now..), the schools don't necessarily communicate with the families and vice versa...I could go on, really :)

But in the 4th grade, those girls are already making their own choices about their clothing and style - no matter how horrid. So, they just need a good smack in the head and maybe some fashion tips from those who know better :)

Michelle said...

As the mother of a 3rd grade girl, I'm 100% behind you on this post. My daughter may wear skinny jeans...but they aren't skin tight and they are age appropriate. She does wear nail polish, but it's painted on by me...no manicures or tips from the corner shop. Her undies cover both buttcheeks (because I have seen thong undies in the girls section...WTF?). Her hair is her au natural color. It's the color I want my hair highlighted as. She's asked me for highlights, my response was "hell no." She asked for a cell phone. I said, "get a job."

It's crazy how fast kids grow up these days. I take pride in the fact that while I allow my daughter to participate in some fashion trends (i.e., skinny jeans), I still have a very innocent, loving, honest, caring, respectful 8 year old child underneath it all.

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Oh no! 4th graders are a bit too young for make up and heels. It's cute if it was playing dress up secretly and hoping mommy never finds out you wore her make up and heels, but it's a whole nother story if it's an everyday school attire. I fear one day I might become a strict parent and me and my little girl will definitely be arguing about what she can and can't wear.

Tania-Dreams2010 said...

Crazy! That makes me freak out too! above comments are so on the ball. I'm also one of those "kids" that see all the things my parents did "wrong" in me and I constantly make that kid "to do/not to do" list which makes me terrified to have kids which I guess is not a good thing.

But parents need to really pay more attention to the kids and help them grow into smart individuals not Tv watching,materialistic robots.

;) btw super cool you are working with the 4th graders! ;)

OmegaRadium said...

Mothers trying to live out/extend their youth through their daughters. It's quite sad to think of a 4th grader trying to look "sexy."

Angelia said...

Wow! Elementary school had changed a lot! I remember being pretty stylish because I had the pink silk jacket with a roller skate on it. :-)

Street Saint said...

My favorites are the form-fitting pants with words like "Juicy" across the butt.

I've seen girls as young as 12 wearing those.

RicAdeMus said...

On the one hand, a lot of parents get too much blame or too much credit for how their kids turn out. And of course there are other parents who you just can't blame enough for the way they mess up their kids!!!!

Ned Flander's dad: "We've tried like, nothing man, and we're all out of ideas!"

michelle said...

wtf?! they're 4th graders! i'm gonna dress my kids like monks, and no cell phones until they learn to drive. people are crazy these days

Amanda West said...

Oh. Oh. Oh. So agreed! It's creepy. I read somewhere that little girls dressed up like that and decked out in make up can turn grown men on and that is just inexcusable. Ugh.