Tuesday, January 19, 2010

MLK, you made my day!

Oh, how thankful I was for the extended weekend! I really don't know what one does to celebrate MLK day, but my friend and I made it a day of snackin', shoppin', and sippin' in Dallas. After Friday night's antics, I spent Saturday feeling what I imagine a narcoleptic feels. I tell you, I couldn't stay awake for a thing, which by the way was really bad of me because I had a baby shower to attend :/Chips, warms salsa & booze @ Margarita Ranch, yum! Although my stomach was on the fritz I still partook in the good time with my friend. I also spotted a hot, handsomely lunching alone. Double yum!

(My pictures are out of order) We stared out in Oak Cliff @ El Ranchito. The restaurant's ambiance is awesome, as are their chips & salsa, but these nachos blew. I ate about 2 of these cheese covered chips and the rest ended up in the trash. Strangely enough, I'd go back just to give the place a chance for redemption since it looks so cool.

This little puppy is Spike, however I call him Justin. He belongs to my brother's fiancee. She won't let me have him. I try. Anyway, they recently bought a house and the mothers went over to help paint. I went over to eat grilled cheeseburgers, be nosey and attempt some lesson planning.
Instead of being useful, I played on the tire swing and attempted to get on the roof, but was too frightened remembering my fear of heights. Instead, I asked M2 to take my picture while I tried to look like I was diligently doing home repair. Stupid idea.

So, there you have it between the last post and this on you've seen my entire weekend... almost ;)


ScoMan said...

I think eating good food and hanging out with friends sounds like a good way to spend MLK day to me. And home renovations are an important part of any long weekend.

We have a public holiday next Tuesday, which means it's not a long weekend and means I don't have to be climbing on the roof.

I'm not sure what you planned on fixing up there with no tools though. You should have worn a tool belt for the shot.

MKL said...

I thought you wrote:

MKL, you made my day!!! I was so happy, but then... nope, wasn't me :(

Lovely pics, you look cute, but I don't buy that you're repairing the roof! :P What's that in your hand?

michelle said...

boo to bad nachos, but those drinks look good ;)

Steph said...

@Scoman: What's you holiday? Thank God you don't have to climb the roof!

Uh, did you not see that screw driver in my hand? I don't know what you do with a screw driver on the roof, I merely grabbed the nearest tool :P

@MKL: Don't worry, you DO make my day, too. LOL

You spotted the screw driver!

@Michelle: The drinks were tastey! And, I usually hate margaritas!!

OmegaRadium said...

I was about to poke fun at you for taking a screwdriver to "fix" something up on the roof, but I saw you already addressed that issue. :)

Steph said...

@Omega: Gosh, do you have any faith in me? lol

Arnetta Green said...

Cute pics!!! And for the record, MLK day is supposed to be a day of service to the community. Maybe your uh...attempt to uh fix the roof might count for something.

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

I thought at first you were referring to our dear bloggy buddy MKL. heheheh Then I had to read it twice. So anyway, what is an MLK day? I wish we had one of these here, heck, I'm just looking for another holiday so I can sleep in and hang out with people I love. Have a great weekend sweetie. And and the chips with salsa and lots and lotsa cheese is totally making me drool right now. hehehe

Steph said...

@Mel: Marting Luther King!!! :) The drinks were excellent...food, not so much.