Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Lazy, Honest Scrap

It appears I’m not dateable in the online world. I mean, for real, there has been no luck what so ever! Even the weird guys have fallen off the map...for the most part. How can this be? Okay, don’t tell me because I’ll be the first to admit I can’t handle the truth.

And since I’m on the subject of truth, let me offer you 10 Steph Factoids because my brother form another mother (and father),, tagged moi! My pit hair took an eternity to sprout. There was no real necessity to shave the pits until I reached my late teens/early twenties. At 28 and a little more than a half, I only have 1 armpit in need of routine shaving; the left armpit hair has yet to really grow.

I saw Cabaret at the local community college and knew then and there the stage had been calling upon deaf ears. Why am I such a fool? Why hadn’t I listened!? Probably because I can’t sing or dance and know I’d be a flop. I’d go for a career in stand- up as well, but I’m not that funny. Yeah, the stage...a delusional calling I often dream of.

I don’t fear pooping in public restrooms. If I gotta go, I gotta go. Hey, you asked for truths!

Between lack of TV watching and a faulty car radio, I’m totally unaware of any current events. It’s sort of nice to be clueless.

I know panty lines are against all rules and regulations, but thongs gross me out. Only out of necessity do I own and wear these underpants. The specifics of thong wearing is a sobering thought. That’s all I’m going to say.

Here’s a controversial one! Now, this is something I rarely, if ever discuss and when and if I do, I bite my tongue…I’m not pro-choice.

I’m a scared-y cat to the max. I avoid horror and suspense like nobodies business but strangely enough I love watching shows about real murders.

I really, really, really want to live in the country so I can buy a baby brown cow.

Whoa, this truth isn’t going to be pretty. I apologize in advance, Mother. Okay, I once had to pee soooo bad while doing the 2AM, after the bar, Whataburger taquitos sound so good trip through the drive through that I got out of the car to urinate between vehicles. Embarrassing.

This final fact is G-rated. Ya ready? I love popcorn, plain popcorn. MMMM :D

So there you have it, 10 Steph Factoids.


MKL said...

OMG, that's like 10 TMIs, haha... Thanks but no thanks for this, sis ;)

The pooping in public and the pee-incident could be combined in one simple truth: My body first, the rest later :P

You really are an interesting person. I wonder what others will comment.

Steph said...

@MKL: When you ask, I deliver ;) By the way, I meant using public restrooms not just randomly outside! I better clarify LOL

Lauren said...

Hahahha Steph I love this! I like honesty! :) And don't worry one day you'll find a guy that loves you for you.

Steph said...

@Lauren: You should do this, too! I got exhausted trying to come up with truths I totally forgot to tag anyone :(

And thank you!

ScoMan said...

Maybe word of your blog is spreading through the Internet dating world, and now guys are scared to send you a message in case they end up on your blog.

There are some interesting facts there. I'm not sure whether to feel disturbed or a little scared or.. so many emotions.. so many thoughts...

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Stephyyyy, I'd have to agree with MKL it is a bit TMI. Lols, we love you for your honesty. The first one was really interesting and had me chuckling. heheheheh. And with the thongs, my mom always said they're Devil Panties or butt floss. hahaahha.

Amanda said...

Those are all awesome truths (and way more honest than I would even be with myself!)....the armpit hair story is a great opener too.

Steph said...

@Scott: I was beginning to think just that! Again, I've managed to become my own worst enemy. I haven't put all messages though...there's other stuff I keep for myself ;)

@Mel: Ya know, I've heard thongs called the devils panties before & it's hilarious. Really, what's that all about? LOL

TMI, never! We're all a little closer because of my honesty.

@Amanda: I'm glad you enjoy my truths!! It took a long time to come up with non superficial things like my favorite color or whatever.

RicAdeMus said... you, I can't handle the truth!!! But I've got the whole tv/radio/pop culture thing down, so we'd make a gret team on Jeopardy (we're playing jeopardy, baby, with Alex T).

JP said...

1 - ok... that is odd.

2 - Fact about me. I love show tunes. I'm completely straight. My favorite by far has always been Jesus Christ Superstar. I also don't consider myself a Christian (or religious at all for that matter).

3 - I don't get people who are terrified of this either.

4 - I've the exact opposite of you... I'm a news junkie.

5 - Just out of curiosity, because as a man I don't know these things, what is a time that would necessitate needing a thong?

6 - I have a lot of friends from all over the spectrum on this. I completely respect your opinion and the only thing I ask is that you be consistent and respect mine. Do that and we'll be great friends (but probably have lots of debates!)

7 - One of the first "real" books I read was Helter Skelter by Vincent Bugwhatever. I couldn't listen to "Number 9" by the Beatles for about a year without being a little freaked out.

8 - How now brown cow?

9 - I peed in a parking lot Saturday night. Yay for being a man!

10 - Ok, I have now lost all respect for you. That's like eating styrofoam.

OmegaRadium said...

...I don't think I was quite ready for that much truth! :P

Her mommy said...

LMBO!!!! I've peed in public a few times...ugh Mostly in drunken fits.

Bathwater said...

I tell enough embarrassing facts without making such a list!

The reason you are not having any luck on line is the same reason you don't have any luck in real life. You don't open yourself up to it. I know I am the same way. I'd rather just say screw it.

Steph said...

@Ricademus: LOL...Speaking of radio/tv/pop culture I was reading Enquirer and Alex T is gay? -Never made it through the entire article :/

@JP: I really love the time you've taken to comment. If there was an award for comments you'd be #1 (sorry y'all)! I don't debate so we're good on that one, but how in the world do you not love popcorn!?

@Omega: You too cannot handle the truth! Sorry friend :/ You already know quite a bit from the other blog so I really hat to dig out the secrets.

@HerMommy: Guess being a drunkenmess will drive you to pull your pants down pretty much anywhere HA! --BTW was just looking at shiny pants at Forever21...will they make you sweaty?

@Bathwater: I'm open, I'm open... or at least I try to be. Ok, wait. You're onto me :/

Jason said...

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I'd like to exchange links with you to help spread some traffic around between each other. Please let me know if this is possible. Until then, keep up the good work.


Nicole Jeannette said...

I like your blog! Thanks for commenting on mine.

Good for you in your honesty!

I'd buy a baby brown cow too and I'm not pro-choice either :)

Dorkys Ramos said...

No shaving?! You lucky girl. And I'm also a huge scaredy cat. I don't do any scary movies, thrillers or the ones that screw with your mind and leave you deathly afraid of sleeping alone at night! I like my sleep thanks.

Good luck with that cow purchase :)

floreta said...

haha i like the armpit hair one! i would say that's a good thing tho. i don't have much armpit hair. some women are definitely way hairier than me.

Steph said...

@Nicole: Thanks girlie & you're welcome!

@Dorkys: I'm telling you, if I had room for a cow it would def be mine!!

@Floreta: The lack of pit hair was troubling at first, but now it's GREAT!

Tania-Dreams2010 said...

ahahahah Love your honesty! (I have a TMI pee story, I went to Cuba and was at a outdoor club, 1.bathroom had no toilet seat. 2. had no toilet paper. 3. I had WAYY too many drinks and I'm not a good squatter ahah. I pretty much peed myself :)LOL

I have an award for you too!