Monday, November 7, 2011


Yeah, I'm back or at least attempting back. Things have sort of come full circle since I stopped posting or at least I think that's the right term... I have officially returned home to The Moms'. So, did I use the term correctly?
Okay, I'm at The Moms', no longer set to marry, and in school. Holy shit! And, it's the same dang blasted time of year. Yeah, holy shit, how have I managed this? Yes, yes, this is full circle, save for a few minor details. And, the details go as follows:
  • Love life is not flourishing or even remotely entertaining. Instead, try depressing/confusing/tiresome/on permanent hold (you pick)
  • School is no longer college; it is a full time, contractual teaching job (WHOOP WHOOP!)
  • The Moms' is still The Moms', less the younger brother that was living at home.
  • I am sleeping on the couch.

The minor details have details of their own. Having gained an ample amount of alone time I share prosper again in this world wide web and fill your eyeballs with the details of the details.

I miss this. I miss you.


Ashley R said...

Welcome back! I'm sorry to hear about the love life on hold, but glad the school is a job!

Bathwater said...

So you think you can just stroll in and out of our lives when ever YOUR life is in crisis? What about all of MY crisis you missed ;)?

Steph said...

Thank you, Ashley!

Mister Bathwater... smh