Saturday, November 12, 2011

Onto the Next One

July '10 was Eureka Springs, AR and Branson, MO with a little Choctaw(!) gambling to and fro. The subsequent trip, NYC late October '10, was scary at fist. Especially with the warning signing posted about the subway cars:

My brain was consumed with bed bug possibilities.
There were other "scary" events taking place within the subway
I offered zero dollars considering I had none to my name.
I'm always a little happy to see a bit of street performance...nonexistent in my neck of the woods unless you count the juggler hanging around Cowboys' Stadium.

And now for the thinly sliced meat of this post. While fretting over possible bed bugs at the sketch hostel we slept in, trying my damnedest to stay warm and musing over why there's a great love for Tyler Perry's movies, I made a little time to visit my uncle. I hadn't seen him in a few years and some of his work was on display in some hotel. And, duh, of course we stopped to check out what he's been up to. As any niece would do I got out my camera to aim and shoot a picture. HOLY MOLY!

I hear the words, "I KNEW THIS WAS GONNA HAPPEN", see a laptop slam shut, and then a flash of brown appear right in my sweet face. Apparent Lobby Looney Tune thought I was snapping his picture and proceeded to loudly school me on "this day in age with Facebook and all and taking pictures of people..." I thought this man was going to hit me. I assured him I had no interest in taking his picture and surely was not going to paste his mug on my Facebook. He insisted I hang over my camera.                   -Uh, no.

I didn't particularly like NYC. It was cold, fast, big and kind of lonely feeling. I did eat two damn fine bagel egg sandwiches which were consolation.

All I can say is thank god I lit that candle, even if I didn't donate, because I know my actions saved me from getting my lights knocked out by a man and that my friends would've topped the Arkansas bed bugs!

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