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An event from while I was away:

Latest Bed Bug Reports in Eureka Springs, AR  (Slightly Annotated)

2010-09-26 14:28:32
Basin Park Magnuson Grand
Eureka Springs, AR

Greeted by less than friendly staff, we were still excited to stay at the seemingly charm filled (supposedly haunted) Basin Park Hotel during our Fourth of July holiday. Yes, we had to park a great distance & the water was tricky (burn or freeze), but this was understandable considering the age of the building (1905). Nonetheless, our Fourth of July weekend was great... until we arrived home, itchy. Very itchy.  (imagine feverish and uncomfortable, hot, burning flesh)
We arrived home Monday night, itchy as I said. Tuesday morning, working at my desk, I had to stealthily lift my blouse to see what causing much discomfort. Apparently I must be a very tasty (yummy) lady! I received over 100 bites, easily! My lucky husband suffered about 12 bites. Our bites were about the chest, back and pelvic region. It truly is an ugly situation we're still scratching through exactly one week later.
Clearly, the bed bugs must be old news to the staff at the hotel considering the amount of bites- this is no recent infestation. Fortunately after (his mom claiming to be me had) many go round with management, we were credited the amount we paid for our 2 night stay. We won't be returning. On the upside of things, despite the bug experience, our bed was supremely rest we've had in awhile! (A genuine baby making town. Oh, and I saw a fox!)
Feelin' & lookin' like a real scuzz bucket

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