Friday, June 4, 2010

Slow Going

Hey, hey!

I'm back and not only have I returned, but I've heaps of free time, which you'd think all of the newly available time would allow me to blog manically- Not so! I've come without my usual wit and charm. See, I considered moving again, going completely anonymous, but does it really matter? Yeah, so I'm sticking around and willing myself to be regular even if my mojo is in a funk.

Without further delay here's what's up:

Below is a picture of me eating at Keller's (of course I grossly throw in photos of me) in DLC's car, the day I got the "friend" introduction at the Dallas British Car Show. Yes, things have fizzled. Golf was/is way more of priority to him which indicated he clearly wasn't that into me. After speaking with a *hold your breath* nice man I met on, I came to my senses and split! By the way, the nice man has been a permanent fixture, however not of the romantic sort.

I'm still without any job prospects. I've been told to exercise patience because they will begin to scramble as the summer progresses and the whole thing is a waiting game, but we're talking about me here; patient, I am not! On the other hand, the big deal is I did FINALLY take the stage to graduate! Oh boy, what a joyous occasion! I was on pins and needles and riddled with anxiety the entire day, until I set foot on that stage.

Other stuff has happened, as well, but we're going to have to put it on hold because this blog has been primarily based around my love life and that's what I will get into next!


Mel said...

I think the inability to blog regularly and general absense of blogging mojo is going around at the moment. At least, I can relate, and I've spotted a couple of other posts around that have said something similar. I hope it's a passing thing for all of us. xoxo

anyway, I can't wait to read about your love life.

ScoMan said...

Congrats again on graduating.

It's better to get the "friend" introduction to "I don't know who this chick is. She's just been following me around all day."

I don't know that anyone, anywhere has ever had that though. Except in sitcoms.

Krystal said...

happy graduation, lady!
as far as blog privacy...really, what is the point? i have this new one but i miss my old one but i can't abandon anotheerrr one now :)and i just realized that i never officially followed you in the follow thing. weird.

Soph! said...

congratulations! and welcome back! I've missed your posts!

michelle said...

yay graduations and being done. good luck with the job stuff :)

TONE LOC said...

When did you pick up a boy? I don't want to read stories of how awesome he is, I prefer the stories of your ridiculous dates.

Jean Has Been Shopping said...

Congratulations on your graduation!

MKL said...

Congratulations, Steph! And a job will soon follow, I'm sure :)