Sunday, April 25, 2010


I guess you could say, if you really wanted to, Facebook has had an interesting effect on our lives, yeah?

Okay, so like most, I’ve reconnected with friends from as early as my elementary school days back in Mingo Junction, erroneously "friended" men while still in the "getting to know phase", appeared in various embarrassing pics, met a brother and sister after 28 years of living and then a cousin, ran across the former best lay of my lifetime, the person I’ve shared the MOST embarrassing moment of my life with, which has caused me to never think of BBQ tongs and a flashlight in the same way, and then this guy:
Through all that reconnection stuff, I pleasantly bumped into this old junior high chum, which spurred a partner to attend Southlake's Art in the Square.

No, my main purpose for attendance had absolutely nothing to do with modern art, it was all about the frozen bellini, which by the way was totally rad although I think it significantly contributed to a slight case of the poopsies.

While at Art in the Square I saw heaps of art, dancing kids, listened to Rastafarian type-hippy looking singers and the world's worst story-teller, played with an iPad, spun a wheel & won a voucher for a large pizza and took in strange events including a hot make out session and a couple walking their...birds.

Take a peek, Friends:


Cecilia said...

Hahahaha! Love the fact that you took a picture with the couple making they were a display at the fair. Though, really, why do people do that in such public venues?

okay...I take that question back...I can assume why...

Missed you, girl!! Hope all is well :)

Steph said...

@Cecilia: I saw lotsa mugging down in public the times I visited Europe & I'm no hater, but really... a family function? Meh, get a room! :P

Missed you, too! Everything is good :)

Soph! said...

Sheesh! Those two need to get a room!

ScoMan said...

Little do you know that was me in that giant cat suit.. bwahahahaha..

Facebook has lead to some interesting reconnections, and connecting with family I didn't really want to connect with but connected with anyway because it's family.

I hardly sign into it any more though.

The birds are cool hahaha. If I had kids I would dress them in embarrassing stuff like that.

Bathwater said...

The costumed creature is totally checking you out!

Steph said...

@Soph!: Hey wait...Maybe they're onto something...

@Scoman: I know you haven't been signed in. What have you been doing;where'd you go?

I thought those kids were going to do a musical renditon of Seasame Street's Follow that Bird.

@Bathwater: As long as I'm still being check out, it's all good! ;)